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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Documents describing the psychological profile of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko became at the disposal of “Vesti”. From the materials it follows that in everyday life the head of state behaves differently than Ukrainians are used to seeing in the reports of pro-government media.

The materials represent research done in order for political rivals of Poroshenko to see exactly who the President is – angry, greedy, and narcissistic.


For security reasons we cannot name the source of the materials, however we assure our readers that the published information is from verifiable sources.

School years and sudden changes in mood

“At school he was known as “fluffy dumpling” (probably the school nickname of the President) and was disliked and slighted. He possessed excessive weight and had a sweet tooth and being “big” (the son of the Director of a plant until 1983, Poroshenko Sr. was the Director of a machine repair plant in Moldova), besides having a pronounced Semitic appearance, Petro Poroshenko was not popular among his peers. He was easy to take offense – he was called “Pierrot” for his constantly pouted lips,” it is stated in the materials.

It is noted that at a relatively young age the head of state fell ill with diabetes and is insulin dependent. According to the documents, Poroshenko’s mood swings, temper, and anger are apparently associated with diabetes and kidney disease. According to our source, there is evidence of how the President “flew off the handle and shouted at people, even getting into fights, pushing his subordinates, including women.”


An example is the emotional telephone conversation between Poroshenko and the Chairman of the board of “Channel 5”, belonging to the president, Vladislav Lyasovsky in 2004. (There is offensive language).

Pathological greed

At the office of the confectionery company “Roshen” owned by Poroshenko, there is an Internet counter with a limit of two hours, any excess of which employees pay out of their own pocket. “Even to his closest people he helps by putting them in debt (for example, he helped his Deputy with the treatment of his mother and then carefully ensured that the debt was paid), – not a single selfless act, there is no information about it. Charity is a political tool,” the document says.

Wife as a “second mother”

As is known, Poroshenko got married with the daughter of the Deputy Minister of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in the first year of University. “His wife Maryna (older than him by 3 years, a doctor), the “second mother” of the politician, has a serious influence on him. Also because it’s only her who processes the methods of pulling Poroshenko out of frequent depression and helps with the solution to medical problems,” stated the materials.


“Inspired liar”

In the documents we received it states that Poroshenko is effortlessly able to deceive. According to the people close to him, he is an “inspired liar” and willingly engages in dramatization. Thus, the fact is known of the President donating blood for the wounded despite the fact that he has diabetes.

“He constantly emphasizes his uniqueness, his specialness, even for petty reasons (“the first parliamentarian who had twins”). He often talks about himself in third person. He’s sensitive to criticism, and has a sense of chosenness. Often in a small circle he suggests that he is guided by fate (…). Vindictive, does not forgive insults. He is insidious and hypocritical. A good speaker with a good proficiency in English (…) He is inclined to intrigue, and is susceptible to flattery. He likes to build an illusory picture of the world and to live in an illusion. He is prone to demagoguery,” it is stated in the documents.


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