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Translated by Ollie Richardson


A video appeared on the Internet, in which alleged militants of the “Islamic State” (organization banned in Russia), promised to kill the citizens of Ukraine due to the fact that they allegedly received weapons of poor quality from this country.

The ISIS militants started to threaten Ukraine due to the supply of low quality weapons

On camera the man, in particular, demonstrates a Man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS) and complains that it has no battery and has broken optics. According to him, it’s “just a pipe”, from which it is impossible to shoot down Russian helicopters.

The indignant militant in a mixture of Russian and Arabic accused the Ukrainians of treason. The other terrorist who shot the video promised that the flag of ISIS in the future will rise over Kiev.

He also appealed to the Muslims of Ukraine to kill “unbelievers” living near them and cut their heads off.

The rumors that ISIS terrorists are including receiving arms from Ukraine have been present for a long time. A year ago, they were confirmed when in Kuwait,  one of the leaders of a terrorist cell was arrested. On interrogation he admitted that he had previously bought a chinese MANPADS from Ukraine.

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