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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



An Italian charity fund in a few weeks gathered more than €25,000 in order to give it to the injured after shelling Anna Tuv for a prosthetic forearm of the latest generation.

It became known to Life that the inhabitant of Gorlovka Anna Tuv, who in 2015 during artillery shelling lost her husband and eldest daughter and lost her left hand, arrived for treatment in Italy.

It is the Italian charity fund Aiutateci a Salvare i Bambini (“Help to save children”) that volunteered to help the woman. Currently, Anna and her two younger children already arrived in Italy and began to pass examination at the centre for prosthetics in Bologna.

“We met with the Chairman of the Fund, Ennio Bordato, almost immediately after the tragedy happened in my family (May 26th, 2015). Ennio made contact almost immediately, maybe a week after I came to Donetsk from Gorlovka hospital. He sent us money for treatment and constantly kept in touch with my mother,” said Anna Tuv.

According to the woman, to get permission to receive treatment in Italy, she had to go through the Strasbourg court, because she is denied entry to Ukraine. As a result, Anna received refugee status in Russia, and only then was able to go to Europe.

“We addressed a variety of organizations – the international Red Cross, the Ukrainian Consulate in Russia. Nothing could be done. A prerequisite was the entry into Ukraine, and for me that’s fatal,” explained Anna.

Currently the prosthetic hand for the resident of Gorlovka is already almost assembled and adjusted to the specificities of the remaining part of the woman’s arm.

“Soon I will be able to hug my children. This is important to me, my youngest daughter is a year and a half old, my son is four. Every day when I go to the hospital, my son asks: will you have return with your hand and all will be well?” said the resident of Gorlovka who lost her arm during artillery shelling, Anna Tuv.

According to the Chairman of the Fund Aiutateci a salvare i bambini, Ennio Bordato, Italian benefactors read the sad story of Anna Tuv on Russian websites, and immediately decided to help the woman.

Italian Fund Aiutateci a salvare i bambini in a month gathered the€25,000 needed for the installation of the prosthesis to the inhabitant of Gorlovka.

“Anna Tuv was a very serious case, we could not pass it up. The Italians responded extremely quickly. We were able to collect the needed amount in 3-4 weeks. Note, we are talking about more than €25,000,” said the Chairman of the fund helping Anna Tuv, Ennio Bordato.

Upon arrival in Italy, Anna was also helped by volunteers who placed the woman and her children in the city of Budrio, and gave her a free translator for visiting medical institutions.

“We immediately, in May of 2015, learned about what happened with Anna. We were touched by the cruelty, which, unfortunately, ruined this family. And now we are proud to have the opportunity to help her and offer her company, because Anna is a very bright girl, full of life,” explained to Life the volunteer Serena Nussdorfer.

Anna is already making plans for the future. She currently works in Moscow for the international charity fund “give love to the world.”

“We are engaged in the rehabilitation of disabled persons undergoing amputation. My speciality is a doctor-physical therapist. At the moment I’m also studying in parallel at the Donetsk Medical University. At the time of practice and work, I need both hands. Now soon I will be able to help others with disabilities to blur the line between them and full-bodied people,” concluded Anna.

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