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By Russell Bonner Bentley

In the early days of the uprising that gave birth to the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, I was inspired by the image of “Strelkov”, I thought he was a good man. I came to Donetsk to join the struggle he claimed to represent. I came here ready to follow his example and his orders. But when I got to Donetsk in early December 2014, he was already gone, along with half of the territory of the DPR, that he surrendered without a fight. And once here, I learned the real story behind Igor Girkin and what he did, and what he is still doing. And I no longer think he is a good man. My opinion is based on facts, on Girkin’s actions, and on his own words.

I have been here for 2 years, and I have held my opinion about Girkin to myself for all that time. But now Girkin sits in Moscow and publicly says he thinks Yarosh and Fascism aren’t all that bad, they are “worthy of respect” and “misunderstood”. I served as a soldier at the Donbass Front longer than Girkin ever did, and I have served this Republic with my words, and with my deeds and with my blood, long after he ran away. And I, unlike Girkin, will be here till the end. Victory or Death. I work on the Information Warfare Front these days, but I keep an “Airport Rucksack” packed, and I am ready to return to the military Front any time my comrades ask me to, and we will never surrender or retreat, Unlike Igor Girkin, who sits safely in his office in Moscow, “respecting” Dimitry Yarosh. So I too, claim the right, the right that I have earned, to publicly say what I think about Yarosh and Fascism, and about those who think they’re “worthy of respect”.

Girkin has literally said the words that Dimitri Yarosh, the leader of Pravy Sektor, “should be respected”. Because “he went to the Front and got wounded”. Well, so did Hitler, in the First World War. So maybe Girkin respects Hitler, and thinks we should too? The cannibals of ISIS are also known as brave fighters. Does Girkin respect them too? How about Bandera? How about Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Timoshenko and Kolomoyski? Maybe they are brave too? I do not know if they are brave, nor do I care, nor do I respect them if they are. But I do know they are genuine Fascists, in the true meaning of the word, ruthless killers who think that we in Donbass, and Russian people in general, are second class sub-humans to be enslaved or murdered at their whim. They are our deadly enemies, and they are yours, the enemies of Humanity, enemies of the world. And so is anyone who thinks they are “not that bad”. I will tell you why.

Do you understand that a power vacuum is now forming in Kiev? Poroshenko’s days are numbered, at least as President of Ukraine. And who will replace him? Girkin’s words about fascism, and Yarosh in particular, are a signal from the Fascist Fifth Column in Russia that they will support Yarosh’s bid for power when Poroshenko falls. But Poroshenko and Yarosh are controlled by the same masters, same as ISIS, same as Girkin. They are the enemies of Donbass, of Russia, and the world. What these nazis could not accomplish on the battlefield with military might and courage, they now use agents like Girkin to accomplish with deceit and trickery.

Girkin’s phony “legend” is part of that trickery. The truth is that he retreated without a fight, giving up half the territory of the DPR without a single casualty during the retreat, almost as if the Ukrainian Army had agreed to let them go. Girkin not only gave up the land and left the citizens to suffer under the “Punishers”, he left many, many tons of weapons and equipment (including 12,000 Kalashnikov avtomats) and scores of soldiers standing guard at block posts who were never even informed that their Army had retreated. Girkin’s plan was to retreat not just from Slavyansk, but from Gorlovka as well, and even from Donetsk. His brilliant plan, as “Minister of Defense”, was to retreat all the way to Snizhne, 20 kilometers from the Russian border. Do you know what’s in Snizhne? Nothing. Cow fields. He wanted to give up over 90% of the Republic, leave millions of citizens defenseless under nazi occupation, and make a final stand in an indefensible field just far enough from the Russian border that the entire militia could have been wiped out before they could escape. If the leaders and commanders of the DNR had followed Girkin’s plan, there would be no DNR or LNR today, and every person in these Republics would be beneath the fascist boot of Banderisti like Yarosh.

Girkin has much in common with John Kerry and John McCain. They use phony “war hero” credentials to meddle in the affairs of other countries, betraying their own countries in the bargain, while really working for the true enemy, the global enemy, the billionaires and corporations and the 1% whose plan is to exterminate most of us and make slaves of the rest. And, Girkin, just like McCain and Kerry is their tool. I have lost too many comrades, I have seen too many innocent civilians, women and children, murdered and wounded by Pravy Sektor nazis to ever respect Dimitri Yarosh. Girkin, a traitor and coward, a Russian “Nationalist”, now makes common cause with Ukrainian “Nationalists” to bring the Fascist boot down on Ukraine, and soon down on Russia. Girkin and his “Monarchist” buddies are planning a “Maidan” in Moscow less than a year from now. They kiss the ass of Yarosh now, hoping the Ukrainian nazis of Pravy Sektor will come to Moscow in November 2017 to help them do to Russia what they have done to Ukraine.

People have mentioned that Zaharchenko has also claimed he respected Pravy Sektor after the battles in Mukachevo in July 2015. Personally, I think Zaharchenko was either joking or trying to fan the flames of conflict between our enemies. I have read his words about that, and if he meant them seriously, it was a mistake. But that was a year and a half ago, and Zaharchenko is still here, and if not perfect, is at least doing a very good job of leading and defending the Republic. And I would not say so if I did not think so. Others have said it is a pity that I have fallen under the influence of Суть Времени, that they put words in my mouth. I am a proud member of Суть Времени, but I am speaking for myself here, not for them. Суть Времени did not put words into Girkin’s mouth, and when Girkin ran, Суть Времени stood fast, and still does to this day. And I stand with them, until the end, victory or death. Like Zaharchenko, we are still here in Donbass, still fighting nazis like Girkin’s pen pal Yarosh, while the only thing Girkin fights is Moscow traffic.

I am smart enough to know that I do not know everything and I am smart enough to know that I could be wrong. I know Girkin still has followers here in Novorussia, and I know it can be dangerous to criticize him. I do not take this issue lightly, and I understand the danger of fostering conflict between comrades. But I do not consider Girkin a comrade. I do not respect him, but Yarosh does. If someone can explain how Girkin’s retreat and recent compliments of Yarosh and fascism are actually somehow wise, courageous, and patriotic to the Republics and to Russia, I will listen to that explanation. I have seen Girkin’s work, and I have heard his words, and that is what my opinion is based on. You have seen and heard mine, make of that what you will. I am ready to see and hear yours.

The Post script

The first vid about Girkin caused quite a reaction, with many positive and negative comments (with a ratio of 6 positive to one negative). I would like to reply to some of those comments here.

First, everything in the video was true, and was proven by words from Girkin’s own mouth and his own actions. Say what you want about me, but the FACT remains, Girkin was the ONLY DPR Commander who ever ran. He left Donbass more than 2 years ago and has never returned. This cannot be disputed. If you have watched the video, you have heard him say that “Yarosh is worthy of respect” and “fascism creates a peaceful and orderly society”, as if it were a good thing. He said it, I didn’t. I just said that anyone who says that or agrees with it is a fascist or a fool. That is also true.

To those who say I am “only an American” and have no right to criticize Girkin, I say I have a right to speak the truth, and will do so when I see fit, and I do not care whether you like it or not. As for me not being Russian, this is true to the extent that I was not born here, but when the Russian people of Donbass needed help to defend themselves and the Russian Federation from fascism, I came when the Motherland called. I am willing to discuss my “Russian-ness” with anyone who has fought beside me at the Front, anyone who has served the armed forces of Donbass or of Russia, anyone who has risked as much and sacrificed as much as I have to defend our Motherland and our People. But if your “patriotism” extends no further than making comments on the internet, I will answer your questions and charges when you get back from the Front. So, Давай!

Russell Bonner Bentley Takes Traitor Strelkov to the Woodshed

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  • Draco

    Nicely spoken, Bonner. I’ll repost this. I always wondered about Strelkov and what his deal was.

  • griffinalabama

    I too have wondered why Strelkov never returned to protect the republics. I do think part of their strategy back then was to stop the bigger war spreading between Russia and Europe which is what the US really wanted.