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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The falsification of history, propaganda of fascism, and the ban on the St. George’s Ribbon – such tricks from Kiev already became commonplace today. And although each school student knows that hundreds of thousands Soviet soldiers and officers died in battles for the liberation of Ukraine from fascist aggressors, and for years of the Great Patriotic War Hitler’s troops destroyed nearly four million Ukrainians, Kiev continues to make advances towards Nazism in new, sophisticated ways.

The other day the “Kiev Jewelry” company released a pendent in gold and diamonds with the image of a swastika [it would appear that the manufacturer removed the listing from their website. Here is a cached version of the page – ed]. 

“Kiev Jewelry represented two types of decorations in the form of a swastika. The cost of one of them is 49,725 hryvnia, which is equivalent to 108,000 rubles. Gold pendant decorated with 52 brilliant cut diamonds. Another version is also made of gold. However, the decoration is made with use of the rubies Princess-cut. The cost is 16,296 hryvnia or 35,000 rubles.”

The correspondent of FAN-TV asked the experts of the Russian and European jewelry industry what they think about this step by the Ukrainian jewelry brand. 

Vladimir Zboykov, Executive Director of the Committee for precious metals, precious stones, jewelry art, and folk-art crafts of LLC “Delovaya Rossiya”:

“I think that this step is purely political, and doesn’t have any relation to jewelry art. It also has no relation to the artistic quality of the product. It is purely politics. Just that in this case jewelers were dragged into a game of politics, that’s all. It is very much a pity, one can only regret that political orders penetrate into the domain of jewelry art. There could be clients from among a certain part of today’s Ukrainian leadership, we perfectly know that there are trends there that adhere to the fascist line. If to look at the photo, probably, the Ukrainian jewelers tried to somehow smoothen the political accent of the product. Although, I think that the swastika any form, even in such a form, is more likely to cause other rather political associations than deeply historical ones.”

Marina Kudrina, editor-in-chief and publisher of the “Jewellery Garden” magazine:

“Society has very strongly changed, it became tolerant. This is nothing other than a symbol. Some will be for it, some will be against it, but a symbol remains a symbol. A normal person who understands politics, who understands the situation, of course, won’t buy such things. This step, most likely, is aimed at a more youthful audience, which doesn’t know what the Patriotic War is, what fascism is.”

Could it be that in Ukraine, in such a way, the young generation will be used to create propaganda of fascism?

“Of course. It is for this purpose that everything is being done. The symbol always works for some interests, the interests of some certain Ukrainian audience. All of us know what it means: fascist sign, fascist symbol. And if it this a piece of jewelry, then we have to react to it somehow. And what will be said… There won’t be any jewelers. Well, who needs it, for example, the same jewelry salon, the dealer in jewelry. Well, what for? It will mean to spoil their reputation in their own region, in their salon. But no, now the level of patriotism is very high. Very high.”

Eduard Utkin, Director-General of the “Guild of Jewellers of Russia” Association.

“I don’t understand why this is being done. From the point of view of commercial success, it is unlikely that there will be any prospects. Because our people – both Russians and Ukrainians – endured an absolutely horrible war, and there are lost people in every family. And we honour the memory of our lost fathers and grandfathers.”

What do you think about the prospects: will, for example, European colleagues refuse such a pendent if it is exported to them?

“If European colleagues learn that such producers appeared that do such things, then I think that these producers in general can have problems, up to sanctions. As far as I know, affairs are much worse in the domestic market of Ukraine than in the domestic market of Russia regarding the realization of jewelry. Perhaps, there companies already go all-out in order to at least somehow earn some money. I don’t even know a category of people that can buy it, I think that all of this will end in absolutely nothing.”

Olga Budnaya, Director-General of the “Rosyuvelirekspert” company.

“Personally, I, as a person who was brought up in the Soviet Union, will never accept a swastika neither as an ornament, an ideology, nor as a joke. Ukraine now is under the power of very strange tendencies and influence of ‘Right Sector’, Banderists, and certain nationalist trends that are absolutely unacceptable to us, at any level. I think that it is done at the request of that movement that is demanded precisely inside Ukraine.”

Not for export?

“Of course not. I think that both in Russia and in Germany it is impossible even to imagine people who will wear such jewelry. Our life is guided by our consciousness. It is the same for Ukrainians. I think that among them there are many reasonable, correct people, who were brought up together with us in a united country [USSR – ed]. That’s why I don’t think that it will find some response. I believe that, perhaps, it will please some leader of ‘Right Sector’ as a gift. But I don’t think that this will be demanded by someone in shops that sell jewelry. There are much more beautiful, effective, and fashionable things than such nonsense as the swastika.”

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