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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On Ukrainian television the truth about what really happens in Donbass continues to burst out. The sober-minded citizens of Ukraine aren’t afraid to express their opinion on the air.

In particular, the Kharkov resident Irina on the air of the NewsOne TV channel stated that in Donbass there is a real civil war in which the Russian Federation rose in defense of the Russian-speaking population of the eastern part of “Independent” Ukraine.

Irina was disgusted by the fact that the former deputy of Kiev City Council Dmitry Gordon stated that to act to boycott the so-called anti-terrorist operation in conditions of a conflict is the same as calls to be loyal to fascists in the days of the Great Patriotic War.

“How is it possible to compare the incomparable, how is it possible to compare fascists, the Great Patriotic War, resistance, and how is it possible to compare war with your own people in Donbass. In my opinion, the war started from the fact that they began to be bombed first, by our authorities. And Russia only came in defence of these people, which the Ukrainian power disowned,” said the indignant Kharkov resident.

It should be noted that “Independent” Ukraine didn’t allow the female resident to express her opinion and cut her from the air, as her opinion very much excited the brainwashed mind of the TV host Vasily Golovanov.

“Only this. Okay, Irina, thank you for your call. Just the annexation of the Crimea, just military operations in Donbass, Buryat troops,” said the TV host of NewsOne, not without obvious irritation.

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