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Translated by Ollie Richardson 


A Ukrainian battalion arrived in Mariupol numbering up to 500 people. According to the intelligence data of the DPR, its main feature is that it is Islamist, and its tasks include defending warehouses containing missile and artillery arms, and taking the Mariupol port under control. Through this port Ukraine operates an illegal arms and ammunition trade, including chemical ones, with Middle Eastern countries, stressed the Deputy Commander of the DPR Armed Forces Eduard Basurin.

“We discovered the arrival of an Islamist battalion in Mariupol totalling about 500 people, which will work in the zone of responsibility of the 36th Separate Brigade of the Marine Corps. The battalion is deployed on Bakhchivandzhi Street. The curator of the battalion is the company Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Major Karpenko,” explained Basurin.

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