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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The state program on modernization of the Ukrainian army without appropriate financing is an empty declaration.

This was stated by the director of the information and consulting company Defense Express and board member of the League of defense enterprises Sergey Zgurets in an interview to the “Ukrainian Tyzhden” magazine.

“Today in our country the State target defense program of the development of arms and military equipment approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine affects the period before 2020. But this program without the appropriate financing remains only a declarative act. Despite the fact that in the national budget 5% of expenses go on the army, this sum in terms of foreign currency will be less than we spent on defense last year. That’s why we don’t have enough money for the purchase of new arms, and so far we mainly modernize already available samples: we repair weapons from old stocks that are already actually exhausted. The full modernization of the army, according to preliminary estimations, requires 400 billion UAH. Such money will never be in our country,” noted Zgurets.

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