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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Andriy Manchuk

“Ukrainsky Tizhden” published a cry from the heart of the patriot that was refused free travel pass on the basis of the certificate of a participant of the anti-terrorist operation.

“All passengers present hounded me. And there were 5 (!), the minibus was empty – a good pretext to refuse a beneficiary. All of them were female pensioners. Then I heard standard rehearsed phrases . “We didn’t send you [to the ATO – ed]”, “You defended oligarchs”, “You were killing peaceful civilians, what did you achieve”, “civil war”, “There is a need to reconciliate with Putin”. And the most important – “Ukraine doesn’t exist anymore” (and this is not just an angry phrase, but actively spread by Olgino’s bots [Kremlin trolls – ed] and the message of Russian media. I asked her if she considers herself as a citizen of Ukraine. Answer – No, nevertheless she doesn’t feel herself to be that way, because Ukraine doesn’t exist anymore). Then I asked if she received a Ukrainian pension. Such a look and silence should be taught in Universities of Theatre. Just fireworks!

I was leaving the bus when they said” – “we will curse you” and “murderer”. It’s a pity, for sure, the most interesting bits were yet to come. Who wrote about the referendum and residents of Avdeevka? It is Kiev”.

The patriot immediately wrote a denunciation of the separatist-driver, so that the workers of Kiev passenger transport, the salary of whom is currently delayed, fall in love more with the supporters of the continuation of the war.

And in general, yes – it’s Kiev, baby! 

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