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Translated by Ollie Richardson

14/06/2017 (Ukrainian media)

Ukraine is working on the search for an optimum combination of mechanisms for strengthening the control of the border with the Russian Federation that will, on the one hand, work for the security of Ukraine, and, on the other, won’t damage the Ukrainian citizens, including those who are in occupied territories. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin at a briefing in Odessa on Wednesday.

“We have to control reliably who crosses our border. We are at war with the Russian Federation. And therefore we have to seek to introduce effective control. That’s why I consider that we have to move on to biometric passports. Then after we gradually have to move on to the fact that trips must be declared. This will give us the chance of additional control,” he stated.

At the same time he emphasized that such an approach doesn’t cancel the possibility of the movement to introduce a visa regime with Russia.

“We perfectly understand that visas don’t work today like they worked 20 years ago. And it is perfectly clear to all that visas that are put just on the passport, they are ceasing to exist. The future is electronic visas. And we are working so that Ukrainian visas ae electronic,” he added.

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