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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


“Trump didn’t just show Duško Marković his place, but he also clearly made it known what the US thinks about the newly made member of NATO”
. This was stated by the head of the News Front news agency Konstantin Knyrik on his page on Facebook.

“Like with both Ukraine and Montenegro, the US feels that they are the masters who worked for and occupied this country, and with some Prime Minister they will behave how they want,” noted Knyrik.

According to him, “when, despite the opinion of the people, despite the protests of people who endured the NATO bombings of Yugoslavia, if you drag the country into NATO, then it is possible also to publicly flick the country’s proverbial head”.

“When quietly and with a non-caring look you force the authorities to go against its people, to spit on the demands of the people for the holding of the most democratic event — a referendum, then it is possible to not only shove, but also to force to stand near the table, like it was done with Klimkin, so that at this moment everybody also understands who is the master,” wrote the head of News Front.

He has also added that the US took Montenegro into NATO not for the love of the people living there, because they showed their “love” in the course of the extermination of the population of Yugoslavia. “Montenegro was taken into NATO exactly like why Ukraine was financed, to spite Russia,” noted Knyrik.

“The parliament, the Prime Minister — for the West they are not people, but the same ‘functions’ for putting pressure on Russia, as well as Petro Poroshenko and Ukraine, in general. The very symbolical, but indicative gesture of Trump is nothing other than the highlighting of the place for subordinates,” he added.

“‘No independence, no autonomy, it is us who are the masters here’ — it is approximately this that Trump’s gesture means,” summarised the head of News Front Konstantin Knyrik.

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