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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The parliamentary leader of the “Fatherland” party Yulia Tymoshenko called to organize an All-Ukrainian referendum concerning the land. The political scientist Vladimir Kornilov on the air of radio Sputnik noted how easily she changes her view of this topic.

The leader of the “Fatherland” faction in the Rada Yulia Tymoshenko stated that her party has begun preparation for the holding of an All-Ukrainian referendum on the sale of agricultural land. On Wednesday, April 19th, the press service of “Fatherland” reported about the creation of an initiative group on the organization of a plebiscite, in which the question will be put forward before the citizens of Ukraine – whether they support the termless extension of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land.

The beginning of privatization and the development of the sale of land is one of the demands of the IMF to Ukraine for the continuation of the credit program. The Ukrainian government plans in the near future to develop a bill on the start of the sale of land. The Prime Minister of the country Vladimir Groisman stated that the bill will allow the purchase and sale of land only to native persons with Ukrainian nationality.

The moratorium on the sale of agricultural land has acted in Ukraine already for 14 years, the last time it was prolonged until January 1st, 2018.

The political scientist Vladimir Kornilov on the air of radio Sputnik noted that Ukrainian politicians before elections actively use the topic of the cancellation or extension of the moratorium on the sale of land, and their slogans depend on what side of the fence they are on.

“Tymoshenko wants to use a referendum as a technological tool for victory in early presidential elections. In reality, their expectations for this election forces political forces to become more active and to put forward similar populist slogans. Debates around this topic are constantly pushed forward: newer and newer laws are being adopted that prolong the moratorium on the sale of land, at this time the IMF and western investors very insistently demand permission for its sale. And here is what is going on: Ukrainian politicians – those who are in power – try to allow as soon as possible the sale of land in order to ‘cash-in’ whilst they are still at the feeding trough.

But those who find themselves in opposition immediately demand to prolong the moratorium. When Tymoshenko was Prime Minister, she very actively tried to ‘push through’ permission to sell the land, but as soon as she found herself in opposition, she switched to completely opposite slogans. And this happened not only once. Whilst the cycle is in-motion – when the same politicians either come to power or are in opposition – we hear from them contrary slogans depending on the place where they are ‘sitting’,” said Vladimir Kornilov.

In his opinion, permission to sell the land will bring nothing to the Ukrainian economy.

“In the present conditions no self-respecting investor from the West will put anything into the Ukrainian market. Have a look to see if there is many investments that came in the last three-four years into Ukraine? On the contrary, the western banks that operated in this market very quickly closed and fled because they understand: whatever you invest now in the Ukrainian economy or, for example, in the land, tomorrow it can easily be taken away from you. And the lifting of the moratorium is not a guarantee that the land you purchased won’t be taken away from you. Now in Ukraine everything is possible,” noted the political scientist.

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