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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Already in the middle of 2013 the People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions Oleg Tsarev made a sensational, but very quickly “hushed up” statement about the large-scale program of the American Embassy for the training of “correct” journalists and bloggers in Ukraine. The embassy actively selected and trained not only journalists from the capital, but also regional ones with the “correct” point of view on the events occurring in the country. The fact of holding classes in the Techcamp program either in the US Embassy, or with the participation of the American ambassador during offsite classes, speaks volumes about the amount of attention paid to this by the US State Department. From here also comes the unanimity with which media outlets of different levels covered the events preceding the State coup in the country, and also occurring in the next months: the same school, the same mentors, the same instructions …

Within literally half a year, the American puppets who came to power completely liquidated any dissenting-thinkers concerning relations with Russia and the events in the southeast of Ukraine by repressing and pressurizing the media outlets not controlled by them in the Ukrainian information space. Each publication – paper or electronic – that dared to show in these questions the point of view that doesn’t correspond to the official line immediately became the objects of attention of the SBU and militant neo-Nazis.

But alas, it seemed not enough to Americans. Barack Obama’s administration also allocated large sums for conducting anti-Russian propaganda. At this time Ukrainian “grant eaters” played a visible role in their plans. Only the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) allocated for anti-Russian propaganda in Ukraine 777 million dollars, a considerable part of which European sponsors have to provide. The Board of Governors is prescribed with providing the implementation of “programs of counteracting Russian influence within the framework of international broadcasting operations”.

Among the plans of BBG there is not only the expansion of broadcasting of the Voice of America radio station – the main propaganda mouthpiece of the US on the territory of Ukraine, but also the creation of a news channel that will broadcast 24/7. And on request of the Board of Governors concerning the broadcasting of the USA, no less than 50% of broadcasting time will be allocated to news segments and segments on topical international issues. Competition for television providers is already announced. Washington plans to embrace the largest possible audience of Ukraine by means of cable and satellite broadcasting.

Only, as it seems to me, having started such a large-scale and expensive project, propagandists from BBG seriously miscalculated.

In Ukraine, even without their TV channels, there is such a mass of Russophobic media that there is no room to swing a cat, without risking to touch one of them. And to receive at least some competitive advantages, Americans will be very much obliged to strain their grey matter.

The Ukrainian TV channels also perfectly cope with the implementation of russophobia on the masses, and in a situation of total non-professionalism in Ukraine, highly professional propagandists with neo-Nazi viewpoints can be counted on one hand.

Besides this, all of them either are already engaged, or discredited themselves by distributing lies, and now only the most “brainwashed” listen to them.

While all essence of the American propaganda campaign is in the fact that only those who doubt bite on it, and not the convinced fanatics who unconditionally support everything that has the label “Made in the USA”.

However, recently in American analytical materials on propaganda questions, information twinkled about the necessity for the creation of mouthpieces broadcasting in the most widespread language in Ukraine – Russian, which is far more popular than even the Ukrainian language. I will not be surprised at all if the Russophobic propaganda TV channel will be launched taking into account precisely this recommendation – with broadcasting in the Russian language, which will become its competitive advantage.

Just don’t say that this will be impossible because of legislative norms on the volume of broadcasting in the State language: for Americans nothing is impossible in “independent” Ukraine. Because the Ukrainian leadership already spat on the legislation, which forbids foreigners from holding State positions, so in this case they will also spit on it if they will be very much asked to from over the ocean…

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