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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov expressed the opinion that the situation in the international relations is tougher now than it was in the middle of Cold War, and also noted that “there are no rules any more”.

“Of course, it is tougher now … Then there were two empires: the Western and the Soviet one, and each of them was fuelling conflicts with a rival on the territory of third countries, but never within its borders and never directly. Even the public rhetoric was softer. The two camps did not cross the bounds of what was permitted. Today, there are no more rules,” quotes RIA Novosti from the words of Lavrov to the Esquire magazine.

At the same time Lavrov expressed confidence that he and the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are managing to build up a relationship. “I in general with all Secretaries of State had if not a friendly, then a good relationship,said the minister.

In general he recognized that diplomats of different countries can act with tough rhetoric to each other, and then communicate normally in person.

In addition, the Foreign Minister of Russia expressed the opinion that the formation of the team of the new US President Donald Trump will take no less than eight months, having noted that “today everything develops by inertia because the people of Obama still sit hold positions.

“We can’t begin fully-fledged work – Trump’s team hasn’t been created yet,” said the Russian minister. When asked about how he would characterize the present stage of relations between Moscow and Washington, Lavrov answered: “waiting”.

According to the American political scientist Dimitri Simes, “until the hype concerning ‘communications between the team of Trump and Moscow’ bears fruits, rapprochement between Russia and the US will be difficult to organize”.

Stalker Zone note:

One might argue that in reality there never were any “rules”. Yes, there is a UN charter, which specifies the borders of a nation, and a fundamental lexicon and protocols in regards to interaction between States, but the extent of Anglo Saxon pillaging since the establishment of the United Nations has shown that actually there are no international organisations that are free from the yoke of the Liberal west. Furthermore, today the UN Security Council is acting as a protective mechanism for both terrorists in the Middle East and bona fide Nazis in Ukraine and their curators in suits and ties.

Thus, a paradox exists where the West invents some accusations against enemy “X”, and Russia, China, and allies veto the resulting resolution calling for further aggression. This sad state of affairs may take an entire generation to dissipate and make way for a system that doesn’t revolve around Russia being the “enemy”. This process is certainly in motion though…

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