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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

This is what the West as well as some enlightened citizens in Russia who call themselves free people and wish our country only good, demand from Russia:

1. To lift the siege of Aleppo.

2. To not kill worldwide terrorists, which find themselves receiving funding from the United States, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

3. To not obstruct the laying of gas pipelines from Qatar to Europe.

4. To not obstruct the US Navy fleet from amassing in the Black sea, close to the Maritime borders of Russia.

5. To return Crimea to the controlled-by-them Ukraine, in order to place NATO fleet and missile bases there.

6. To not lay pipelines to Europe.

7. To not impeach Ukraine from blackmailing Russia for gas transit.

8. To not demand repayment of debts from Ukraine.

9. To not interfere with the placement of NATO bases on the territories of Georgia and Ukraine on Russia’s borders, wand with this aim to refuse support for Donbass.

10. To not interfere with the activities of foreign funds and NGOs.

11. To not declare that Russian mass media that is receiving funding from abroad and is acting in the interests of other countries is a foreign agent.

12. To not pursue the Russian opposition, requiring the authorities to concede to the West in all its demands.

13. To not take actions that prevent the domination of the dollar around the world.

14. To not enter into international unions that aim at limiting the spread of the US’ domination.

15. To not increase the expenditure on the army.

16. To not build the Nicaragua canal.

17. To not interfere with American Ambassadors carrying out spying duties on the territory of Russia.

18. To not seek to rebuild ties with former Soviet Republics.

19. To completely withdraw from the North Caucasus.

20. To not interfere with the struggle of the Russian national Republics for the democratic right to self-determination to secede from Russia.

21. To not interfere with Siberia and the Far East in the determination of the issue of their statehood with the assistance of the world community.

23. To not interfere with Kaliningrad’s secession from Russia and becoming a member of the EU.

24. And generally, if possible, to close Russia until the end of time.

25. To not forget to liquidate their nuclear weapons under the control of the UN and NATO.

26. To treat reserves of minerals fairly that happen to be on the territory of the former Russia. That is, to transfer them to the competence of the global democratic community.

Only a tyrant and a despot, a dictator and enemy of democracy would not listen to these legitimate and democratic demands from a peaceful world community. A nation that supports such a tyrant is subject partly to re-education, or to be partly dissolved, and the rest should be simply used with the help of wine, tobacco, pornography, reform of education and medicine, and a ban on ideology.

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  • Jose Aguila

    If US won’t do it, somebody will do. It boils down to— you or me. If US won’t stand up, Communism & Islam would conquer the world……& that’s what the enemy likes.

  • There is indeed a global capitalist mafia, which previously has been working benignly under the radar but now has even been exposed in the U.S. by Bernie Sanders himself before he was bribed by Hillary Clinton to pull out of the Presidential race. It is sad. Once they control all assets in any state, that state is a slave forever. Hope you guys fight the good fight. It does say in the Good Book that each dynasty only lasts for a period of 260 to 520 years. It looks like the Big Business mafia’s time is up. No more hiding behind false pretenses.

  • Please tell me this article is satire? No nation in their right mind would agree to any of these demands.

  • Ollie Richardson

    It is satire, although in actuality it is what NATO want 🙂

  • Dudley DoRight.

    Pay no attention to the moo-slum in the Whitehouse/mosque.

  • The Arioch

    If some stupid and arrogant aggressive nation dares to refuse cooperating with those highly humane and moral dreams of all the mankind it positions itself at the mankind right for self defense, like Yugoslavia and Libya did

  • Jim Allen

    Seems perfectly reasonable to me….NOT !!!
    I mean who wouldn’t agree to these terms ? It’ll be great, no problems, the transition will be smooth as silk….Sort of….
    Seriously, ….What could go wrong.. ? Everyone wins, …

    This has got to be the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.
    Damnit President Putin, you and your Damn chess game….
    …it’s the whining, the wailing, and the gnashing of teeth, …
    Cou’ld’ja just find it it in you’re heart to send duct tape, at least ???
    It won’t fix nothin’, but it will muffle the noise….

  • Jim Allen

    Malevolently, perhaps…