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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Foreign military personnel in NATO uniforms arrived in Donbass. This was reported by the Lugansk Information Center with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lugansk People’s Republic.

According to the department, the group of military men in NATO-standard camouflage were spotted in the settlement Popasnaya under the control of Kiev. The foreign military personnel are citizens of the US and call themselves “American volunteers”.

As was reported, the “volunteers” brought radio-electronic equipment with themselves. According to preliminary data, this can be systems of radio-electronic or counter-battery warfare. Also, the military personnel have on themselves small arms of foreign production.

“The ‘hot line’ of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR received a call from citizen ‘S’, an inhabitant of Popasnaya. The man said that in the city there were English-speaking military foreigners. They are dressed in white-gray NATO-issue camouflage and armed with small arms of foreign production,” said the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“According to preliminary results, the unknown military personnel are citizens of the US, and call themselves American volunteers. With themselves they brought certain radio-electronic equipment, which is stored in metal boxes and suitcases.

Now the mercenaries wait for the arrival of a group of voltage converters as their equipment isn’t calibrated to work on a 220 V network,” specified the Ministry.

As a reminder, earlier the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against a number of officials of the LPR. In particular, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the LPR Igor Kornet, the Minister of State Security of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik, and also the acting minister of the Council of Ministers Natalya Khorsheva were placed on the sanctions list.

In the LPR the sanctions of the US were perceived with satisfaction. The Interior Minister of the LPR Igor Kornet, in particular, emphasized that the US makes an attempt to “punish the Ministry of Internal Affairs for maintaining legality and law and order in the Republic”. He also noted that Washington stands no chance of frightening Donbass and its inhabitants with sanctions.

“The gentlemen on Capitol Hill should have understood long ago that for people who more than once have stared death in the face, their sanctions are like a grain to an elephant. We have too many much more important issues to deal with to be distracted by such trifles,” he noted.

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  • Vtran

    NATO have been in Banderistan since 1991 and have been fighting in the East since Feb 2014