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Translated by Ollie Richardson


According to military of the People’s Republic, the militia can protect their positions and avoid big losses among staff in response to the attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On June 7th the Ukrainian military tried to breakthrough the line of defense of the LPR three times, but were repelled back to their initial positions. The settlements of Bakhmut, Zhelebok, Kirovsk, Kalinovo, Frunze, Donetskoye came under fire.

“I have some details on Zhelebok. ‘Prizrak’ [battalion – ed] didn’t give a meter of land! It was like in 1941 when people perished, but nothing was surrendered! The men behaved like heroes! I didn’t think that this can happen in our time,” stated the former commander of “Prizrak” brigade Evgeny Shevchenko.

According to him, as a result of the military operation two militiamen were killed, one more received a severe wound, and among UAF fighters the losses are from 10 to 12 people. He explained that the village Zhelebok has strategic importance, because if the UAF occupy this point they will be able to increase the range of shelling across the territory of the LPR.

“The Ukrainian artillery still shells, but there are no attempts to advance any more. Rumors that the UAF occupied the settlement, and that the army of the defenders of Donbass suffered heavy losses isn’t confirmed. It is difficult to call this a serious breakthrough attempt, the strength of the UAF involved is insignificant. It is obvious that it is an ‘on duty’ escalation of the conflict for political goals,” said the veteran of defense of Slavyansk Aleksandr Zhuchkovsky.

An officer of the 93rd Brigade of the UAF said that the staff received a secret order from the headquarters about the “adjustment” of the ledge of defense of the militiamen, which has wedged in an acute angle on the positions of the Ukrainian army.

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  • Vtran

    Exactly …. Germans Nazi funding the attack on what was Eastern Ukraine … just as in 1941 !