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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Kiev fighters shelled the LPR’s water intake in Kirovsk, the water supply was restored in the morning. This was reported by the mayor Gennady Kartsev.

“Massive shelling the city of Kirovsk begun at around 15:00, following the sound we went to the area of the Tsentrokuz plant. And of course, like last time, we came under fire. We went to the floor, and looked. Several shells landed in the region of Poroshkovo. The shelling, as I understand, was deliberately aimed at the water intake junction, which we have only just restored. After several shells the lights and water stopped, accordingly, there will be no supply to the city,” he said.

“Employees of Lugansk water are afraid to go out and repair the line because of the continuous shelling. Several shells fell on the residential area. And more shells, which we know for sure landed, hit the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the city. Three shells landed there, the glass in the Ministry of Emergency Situations was smashed,” said Kartsev.

“All shells that I have listed are in the region of water intake junction. I.e. they landed in one place. We have just gained full capacity of the water intake junction today, we wanted to please inhabitants with water. For three days we had no water, and at the time of supplying water they cut all lines and everything has stopped. Both lines — the main and reserve — were built in parallel to each other. When one shell lands it breaks both lines, and now both of them need to be restored. From 15:00 until 18:00 there was continuous shelling, it was impossible to approach. Now we start to slowly come out, have a look, maybe today we will manage to do something. Well, at night we will already not supply water, tomorrow we will resume the water supply,” explained the mayor.

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