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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The President considers that this happens inside Belarus with the assistance of western funds and intelligence agencies.

The President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko considers attempts at aggravating the situation are ongoing in the country. As was reported by BELTA, he said this on 20.03.17 in the report of the plan of the joint strategic exercise between the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia “West-2017”.

He noted that Minsk is not really nervous about the “revival and strengthening of” NATO, which “places additional contingents of troops at our borders”.

“We are much more concerned by the attempts of the opposition using modern methods of confrontation to aggravate the situation inside Belarus, and conduct against it the appropriate actions,” said Lukashenko. “It concerns the attempt of our fifth column, with the support (again, we record it, I don’t try at all to intimidate anybody) and financing of western funds and the leadership of western intelligence agencies of our thugs who fled abroad, which means an attempt to aggravate the situation in Belarus.”

However, the head of state declared that Belarus will cope with it and “it is not a problem”.

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  • AMHants

    Belarus have seen what has happened to Ukraine, would they be stupid enough to want to go down the same route?

    NATO would love to get into Belarus and then start dismantling the Eurasian Union. What have NATO and the West got to offer? Bearing in mind Japan, EU and US own 75% world debt. Then you have BRICS, SCO and Eurasian Union, the emerging economies and Belarus will be a large part of the New Silk Road.

    Good luck and hang in strong.