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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A soldier of the Ukrainian army located at positions in Marinka occupied by the UAF said that in the city most of the inhabitants are supporters of the DPR. Also the fighter of the “anti-terrorist operation” was surprised by the fact that a local resident whose house was shelled blamed the Ukrainian soldiers.

The Ukrainian journalist and volunteer battalion fighter Mikhail Ukhman, who asked a soldier of the 92nd brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to specify “the ratio of Ukrainians and separatists”, described the situation in Marinka in his report for the site “112”.

“A week ago a house was set on fire by a MDZ [high-explosive incendiary bullet – ed] shot, there the grandmother shouted that it was us. She also listened too much to propaganda. Here the majority are separatists,” said the UAF fighter with the call sign Volynyak.

Ukhman, in his article, directly stated that fighters of the “anti-terrorist operation” chose positions in the residential quarter in order to be covered by civilians:

“Here I remember the words of one of the Commanders of the ‘Donbass’ battalion with the call sign ‘Batya’. He said: ‘We can take a stable, a waste heap, and entrench ourselves there. But it will not give us anything. By standing on the edge of the village, we are protected from heavy artillery. They don’t use it as often as they would like to, because civilians can suffer. It will cause a resonance. Especially because here terrorists have many relatives. If we are at a waste heap, we will be covered with Grad from Donetsk,” reported Ukhman.

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