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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Mass Exodus of Ukrainians from “Independent” Ukraine to Russia began

A symbol of new year in Ukraine may become Cossack Vakula, which flies on the hairy devil in Saint Petersburg. Or a deserted village near Malorussian Dikanka, huts in the window of which the wind sings. Ukrainians rush to Russia not for overseas slippers, but for vital bread. They leave the country in families, together with neighbours from the village, leaving forever.


Members of the International the human rights organization Human Rights Action (HRA) stated that over the past year from Ukraine, where over the last 10 years the population has decreased from 48 to 42 million people, more than three million people left for Russia! And according to data of European researchers, depopulation is ongoing in Ukraine, which is about to cause a social explosion.

This was confirmed on one of the last meetings of the government by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. At the meeting it was said that Ukraine in the next year may lose its last support – the agricultural sector. There will not be anyone to work the land, because only the elderly remain in villages.

Ukrainian youth in saturated-with-migrants Europe are not needed, but easily find an income in Russia.

The Kiev media also actively discuss the acknowledgement of this by the President of the Ukrainian analytical center Aleksandr Okhrimenko. He made a prediction, in which he said that next year the flow of migrants from Ukraine may grow 1.5 times, and that a quarter of those who left will exchange their citizenship, and will work in Russia.


The Interior Ministry of Russia noted the sharp increase in the flow of migrants from Ukraine. It is expected that in the second half of October from Ukraine to Russia will arrive 25,000-30,000 more than usual labor migrants. While usually, 80,000-85,000 citizens arrive in Russia in a week. Generally, they come here in search of work. We are not even speaking about the residents of Donbass, who fled from the war. These are real ethnic Ukrainians from the Western regions.

In Ukraine, some experts try to support the narrative about the seasonality of the phenomenon, saying that in the villages the harvest of potatoes was finished, and that’s why they went to earn money at Russian construction sites. But experts of “KP” argue that it’s not just that.

“The economic crisis in Ukraine is escalating, people are looking for any stable work, while Poroshenko once again showed that Ukrainians are not needed in Europe, much like labor migrants or visa-free tourists,” explains to the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”  the Executive Secretary of the Public Advisory Council under the Federal Migration Service, project Director of development fund of international relations “Good Neighbours” Yuri Moskovsky.

“They will definitely find their niche in the Russian labour market. Our task is to receive them, legalise their stay, and help them to adapt. Migration from Ukraine will continue to grow. When in 1654 the Zaporozhye army swore allegiance to Russia, on its territory were living about 700,000 people. When Ukraine left the USSR, there were more than 50 million citizens left, and now, in fact – 38. Bandera also said at his time that it will be enough for Ukraine in order to create a national state to have population of 20 million. His successors have chosen their path themselves. They are stubbornly go towards depopulation.”


There are several more reasons as to why the citizens of Ukraine began to abandon their citizenship and leave for Russia in families or with neighbors. If already last year Ukrainians could freely travel to Russia and work, remaining in the background of other migrants actually invisible to law enforcement, this year immigration rules have become stricter.

In the framework of the current legislation, migrants from Ukraine are obliged to register for a taxpayer identification number, health insurance, pass an exam on knowledge of Russian language, to acquire a license to work, after months of work to bring a contract of employment and on a monthly basis to pay an additional 4,000 rubles for the patent. Violators are fined, and forcibly expelled, with restriction of entry to Russia for 5-10 years.

Besides this, the Federal Migration Service of Russia was recently abolished, which was engaged in the control of illegal migration. The functions of this department was transferred to the department of the Interior Ministry of Russia, and the Ministry, which will not only supervise, but will also achieve results by force.

It is because of this Ukrainians are in a hurry to definitively move to Russia, get a residence permit and Russian citizenship, which gives them the right to work without any restrictions and additional costs.

These days Petro Poroshenko makes his constituents more determined. He pushed people by banning Russian payment systems and his ranting about the introduction of a visa regime with Russia. Everything in accordance with the current policy: the team of Poroshenko strictly follows the precepts of Bandera.


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