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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On May 25th, 2014, presidential elections took place in Ukraine, which Petro Poroshenko won. And on May 26th Kievsky Avenue and Privokzalnaya Square of Donetsk were covered with blood – the UAF used military aircraft.

May 26th wasn’t the beginning of the war in Donbass, by that moment Slavyansk had already been exposed to shelling for several weeks, but nevertheless, this day became the final point of no-return.

At that time, on May 26th, Donetsk was attacked by Ukrainian punishers – inhabited apartment houses, central city streets, and the suburbs came under fire.

As a result of airstrikes and automatic fire, many people were killed in the city, and as many Donetsk citizens were wounded. Donetsk will never forget this day.

On May 26th, 2017, for the third anniversary of the air raid by Ukrainian aircraft on Donetsk, the Ministry of Information of the DPR released a movie devoted to this tragic date.

This movie shows the feelings that the residents of Donetsk had when directly in front of their windows jets began to fly and drop bombs on their houses. It was very horrific.

“People cried out war, and at this moment a fighter jet flies over me and I see directly underneath him. It flew so low. I hear a noise in the corridor, then the first three people from the airport were brought. I will never forget this sight, it was the most horrible day of my life. It was war. Like the Nazis, brutally, they bulldozed into our lives. We don’t want to live with such a Ukraine,” remembers the nurse who was in Donetsk on that day.

“The first blow hit us in the kindergarten. We ran to collect the children and took them down to the basement. I didn’t understand what was happening then. I read to the children a fairy tale and I stammered. I couldn’t believe that bombs were bring dropped from jets on us. It is horrific. It is a big crime against the people, against Donbass,” said the kindergarten teacher of the city of Donetsk.

“The first thing that we saw was how helicopters quietly circled and dropped bombs. People simply hid next to the fences from the helicopters. People fell on the floor and everyone knew, the roofs were struck. Many people died. Then I understood that war has begun and there is no way back,” remembers the Donetsk citizen.

“Nazis came to power in Ukraine, that Ukraine, which was until 2014, it doesn’t exist any more,” abruptly said the Donetsk citizen. “We were just washed with blood. They are fascists. Hitler also began war on June 22nd like that,” said the female resident of Donetsk, in tears.

Three years have passed, however, the shelling in Donetsk doesn’t abate. The Kiev bloody regime of Petro Poroshenko Donbass with impunity bombs three years. But people don’t surrender: they know – victory waits them. Donbass had to endure a lot of grief, and only God knows what is necessary to still pass through. But the main thing – Donbass proved that nobody will ever force it on its knees. The residents of Donbass will decide their destiny themselves – after all, like nobody else today, are worthy of this.

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