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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The anti-aircraft missile system “Buk” of the Ukrainian army was in Donbass for couple of days before the Boeing crash.

Despite the statements of Kiev that in the anti-terrorist operation zone there were no Ukrainian “Buks” at the time of Boeing crash of flight MH17, experts [they in reality are simply Washington-paid bedroom hobbyists, and have no formal qualifications – ed] from Bellingcat found information about the “Buk” near Donetsk.

The photo of the “Buk” in 2014 was posted by the priest of the UAF Mikhail Gredil. The geotags contained in the photo point to the location of the anti-aircraft missile system in Donetsk region.

According to experts, the photos appeared on social networks on July 15th, 2014 – two days prior to the flight MH17 crash.

Gredil wrote that this photo was taken several hundreds of kilometers from the anti-terrorist operation zone. But journalists paid attention to the fact that in May, 2014, Gredil went to a military camp near Donetsk, which was reported on the website of his church. Experts declared that, judging by the published photos, the priest went in May and in July to the same military camp.

A video was also found on the Internet of the movement of this “Buk” near Myrgorod.

Nevertheless, experts noted that although the Ukrainian “Buk” was in a zone of the accident of MH17, but it was still location too far from the crashsite of the plane.

Also, Bellingcat emphasized that the Russian “Buk” of the 332 53rd antiaircraft rocket brigade, which is based near Kursk, was the only “Buk” that was in the radius of the MH17 incident.

Bellingcat has previously published a new report on a role of the Russian military in accident of MH17.

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