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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine complained about the lack of winter clothing for soldiers. This information was announced by the speaker of the military Department Oksana Gavrilyuk.

According to her, the Defense Ministry is not able to provide the fighters of the Ukrainian army with warm jackets, hats, and other necessary equipment for the winter. She attributes all the blame to the manufacturers of winter clothes, who didn’t deliver the clothes to the department at the appointed time.

“There is not enough winter hats, fleece jackets, insulation, and warm clothes for issue to soldiers, as the manufacturers did not sent them to the Defense Ministry within the deadline,” said Gavrilyuk during a briefing.

It should be noted that previously the press service of the Defense Ministry claimed that the soldiers that are in the area of so-called anti-terrorist operation in Donbass were 100% provided with winter uniforms.

Earlier, various “volunteers” who often visit the “ATO” zone reported about the shortage of weapons and uniforms on social networks. According to them, they have to raise money to provide the military with the most necessary things.

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  • Hannah Montcolly

    Well this is nothing new. As far as I know, Ukrainian soldiers have been ill- equipped, I’ll fed, practically no field medical kits and ill clothed, for at least two years.