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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Michailov Michail

Again, somewhere on the newsfeed [Facebook  – ed], the call flashed up to sprinkle ashes on the head, to confess in front of the entire world, and preferably to pay compensation for the acts of the USSR and even the Russian Empire. Forgive me, but I won’t. I have nothing to repent. Neither does my country. Yes, sometimes the USSR, as well as the Russian Empire, did unattractive things, but no at all more than other countries of the “civilized” world. In fact, it is probably even less than others.

It is not my country that imposed “true belief” via the sword and fire on unfortunate natives of South and Central America, destroying them by whole tribes, while in reality covering this with the banal desire to simply rob them. It’s not my country that staged the most real genocide of Indians of North America, winning itself new lands. It’s not my country that for centuries owned India, was robbing and brutally killing the unique people with the most ancient culture. It’s not my country that hooked China on opium in order to profit from the trade with it. It’s not my country that was chopping off the hands of the Congolese for the fact that they didn’t carry out the norm on collecting rubber, regardless of whether it was an adult it or a child. It’s not my country that launched two World Wars. It’s not my country that staged the genocide of Armenians. It’s not in my country that the mad “racial theory” was invented, and tried to destroy the whole Jewish people. My country didn’t stage massive bombings of cities – even they were the enemy Germany and Japan, in the fire of which hundreds of thousands of civilians perished. It’s not my country that for the first time in the world used the most horrific weapon from everything created by humans, on two Japanese cities…

To write what wasn’t done by my country it is possible to list infinitely. And the list of its unattractive fulfillments, in comparison with this, will seem very insignificant. Yes, it also did bad things. But it has wholly atoned for all its sins. Perhaps having even paid an advance payment for some future transgressions. So get away from me and my country. Repent and pay for it yourself if you have such a desire.

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