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Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the evening of June 24th, near the city of Belaya Tserkov, as a result of a road accident the Deputy Boris Panchenko, one of the initiators of the vote in the Kiev Regional Council on the procedure of impeachment of Petro Poroshenko was killed. The accident looks suspicious, considering the rich history of organising road accidents as political murders in Ukraine.

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This was written on the blog of the “Korrespondent” website by the Ukrainian political scientist Aleksandr Lazarev.

“At first sight, this tragedy can seem ordinary, for example, inaccurate driving, moreover at high-speed … The police opened criminal proceedings according to Article 286 (violation of the rules of traffic safety). In a word, it is a closed case, everything is so clear that here there is nothing to think about.

However, the facts suggest otherwise, as it appears that not everything is so smooth as described. And the reason for such an opinion is covered in the following points: firstly, the accident looks strange. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the second vehicle had the opportunity to go by the wayside, but for reasons unknown, they didn’t do it. Secondly, it is no less difficult to explain the instant ignition of cars precisely in a head-on collision …

And here is the third point, which in my modest opinion can serve as a clue to both the first two, and the main reason for the road accident …

And it is the following – recently, on June 22nd the Deputy took part in a vote – and it was not only accepted, but he was one of the initiators – in which most of his colleagues voted for the appeal to the Verkhovna Rada, with the demand to adopt the law on the impeachment of the President.

Yes, it concerns the law about the impeachment procedure, after all this process in Ukraine today is as real as snow in the middle of July, as impeachment of the President is impracticable without the written consent of the President. This procedure, from the date of the adoption of the constitution, is a certain Kabbalah in the world of laws, and its public discussion is taboo.

I don’t claim that it is precisely the professional activity of Boris Panchenko that is the main reason for the accident, but as the practice of independent Ukraine shows, it is more than real. Anyway, in our country very often there are strange death of politicians,” argues the expert.

“… they eliminate either those who know too much, or those who constitute a danger. And prove the fact that the power in Ukraine never disdained to dirty its hands in the blood of others blood in the name of their position. As a result, proceeding from the analysed facts, there is a question: to who was Panchenko’s death favorable? And is it the response of the power to the challenge that is thrown in front of them — they say, forget the word ‘impeachment’, there is no such thing in our dictionaries,” notes the author.

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