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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


If a woman with her child entered into a cage with jackals – the animals may not touch the adult, but with guarantee will tear the child to pieces. Approximately the same thing happens on the Ukrainian border. The Ukrainian border guards don’t let the Crimean women exit Ukraine with their children who were born on the peninsula after the Crimean Spring, but who for some reason found themselves in Ukraine.

A question immediately arises: what where the parents thinking when they went to banderistan together with their children? The answer is simple. Well, normal human consciousness can’t adopt that fact that over the Perekop it is really enemy territory. You realise it only when nazis bring real trouble specifically to you.

But what to do if grandfathers and grandmothers are left in Ukraine, and they very much want to see their grandchildren? If there are family, relatives and close friends, who until recently didn’t have serious problems on trips on both sides of the Crimean cordon? It is easy to advice that there is nothing to supposedly do there, especially with children… Anyway, Crimean mothers went to their parents, and the Ukrainian side freely allowed the Crimean children to pass through the border. They are convinced that for this a birth certificate is enough, and that it is possible to come back in the same way.

But now the nightmare began. The children of Crimea who were born in its territory after the March referendum of 2014 aren’t allowed back home. To leave Ukraine, so-called “Ukrainian children’s foreign passports” started to be demanded, which are impossible to obtain. Ukrainian offices of records of acts of civil status answer that they have no necessary information on the facts of the birth of children “in occupation”.

I.e., it is officially stated that for the “Ukrainian State”, children with a Crimean birth certificate don’t exist. It means that it is impossible to cross the border. Ukrainian lawyers say that there is only one solution – to prove the fact of birth in court.

Now these women are obliged to leave their children in Ukraine and to go home to obtain certificates, prenatal records, and all other documents from the archives of maternity hospitals of the Republic of Crimea. It reached the point where the post-birth pictures of women with babies in the chamber of the maternity hospital were required. This is a real mockery. However, it’s not a fact that eventually unfortunate Crimeans will succeed to prove to the Ukrainian court that their children indeed exist.

Only those who will win their case will be able to receive a Ukrainian birth certificate, to issue a “children’s foreign passport” and at last to take out the child from this zone of euro nightmare. According to sources, now about 3,500 such cases are being considered. Many mothers endure the hardest physical and psychological stress. And of course, it is necessary to spend a lot money for this.

Having actually taken Crimean children hostage, banderist-trash suggest an “easy option to solve the issue” – to appeal to the Russian Embassy and to refuse citizenship of the Russian Federation. Allegedly, if you refuse, you don’t need to go to court; that immediately a certificate will be issued saying that the child is a citizen of Ukraine and the “rescuing foreign passport” will be issued. But how then to come back home and live with children in Russian Crimea?

in reality, even here the Ukrainians lie. Experience showed that if a woman departed without a husband, in order to issue a children’s foreign passport anyway there is a need for permission of the father, who is thus absent. Moreover, it must be authenticated by a Ukrainian notary. It means that the man is also obliged to come to Ukraine. And if he is a Russian law enforcement officer or civil servant, he will be surely be arrested. The family situation in general turns into a full nightmare.

The disgusting provocation was replicated en masse. It is as if Ukrainian border guards deliberately don’t warn Crimeans with children about possible problems. There are happy occurrences when people literally at the last moment were stopped by private carriers on the Crimea-Ukraine road. These private carriers created some Internet forums with legal advice on the matter. Although even a good lawyer can’t explain elementary things: if “Crimea is Ukraine”, then why for entering the peninsula is a child’s Ukrainian foreign passport demanded?

The inhabitant of Sevastopol Elena told journalists from the “Podrobnosti” website about her troubles. She has two little sons, both of them were born in Crimea after March-2014. A few months ago she went with her children to Ukraine to see her parents. Now she can’t come back home.

According to Elena, the Russian consulate in Kharkov is overflowed by people with such troubles. However, nobody is going to refuse Russian citizenship: “I communicated with many people, all of them are now going to prove the birth of their children in courts”.

As of now there is no information about the reaction of the authorities of the Russian Federation and possible help for the affected Crimean families.

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