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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former People’s Deputy from “Svoboda” Irina Farion live on the air of the “Independent television agency” called the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine “Putin’s trophies”, and stated that her task is “to neutralise them as much as possible”.

In her opinion, Russian-speaking Ukrainians must be deprived of the opportunity to receive an education and a job in Ukraine, then they will “begin to chirp” in Ukrainian.

“I.e. if in Ukraine we have a certain category of people who brag that they are Putin’s trophies, then what am I supposed to do? My task is to neutralise them as much as possible. And really not to give these people an education nor work. Then they will begin to chirp in Ukrainian the next day. Let these Russian-speakers go to America, and try to speak Russian there and find work. They will only be allowed to sweep houses! Let them go to Poland or the Czech Republic,” said the politician.

“I am absolutely indifferent towards the Russian-speaking population. Because who are they? I ask to show me such a legal category. Where is it written in the Constitution of Ukraine that such things have the right to exist? It is an invention, which was sounded in the late 90’s – it seems, in ’96 or ’98, by, in my opinion, the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation of that time. Back then they understood very well that they lose Ukraine as their satellite and that it is possible to keep Ukraine on the end of this leash called ‘the Russian-speaking population’. And they invented this absolutely absurd term, it doesn’t correspond to the truth, because in the world there aren’t any German-speaking Poles or German-speaking Czechs. Speaking Russian in Ukraine is a stigma of the occupier, it is the best trophy of Putin. It is a symbol of defeat of Ukrainian in front of the Russian language or, excuse me, in front of Moscovites – it is much better to call them as such”, said Farion.

Farion stated that the Russian-speaking population threatens her, because “the Russian world exists where there is the Russian language”.

“What is the biggest nightmare for Putin? A Ukrainian-speaking Ukraine. Because a Ukrainian-speaking Ukraine is a border with the Russian world… The Russian world exists where there is the Russian language. Sorry, but the Russian-speaking population threatens me. And if something threatens me, I will fight using the most various, most chimerical, most deviant, and most perpendicular methods. Because I, a Ukrainian, must reign in my State. You like the Russian language? You buy a ticket – and clear off to Russia, to Moskoviya. We, unfortunately, have trains that go freely, we, unfortunately, still have a visa-free regime with the occupant country, the country that killed more than 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers (according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in August, 2017, since the beginning of anti-terrorist operation in Donbass 3,178 Ukrainian soldiers died – Vesti),” noted the former deputy.

Farion also stated that she isn’t interested in the feelings of Russian-speaking participants of the anti-terrorist operation.

“And now about those who say that they protect Ukraine, while speaking Russian. I am not interested in their feelings. I am interested in whether they carry out the law of Ukraine on the Armed Forces. Article 13 of this law clearly says: the language of the Armed forces is Ukrainian (the article sounds like this verbatim: “In the Armed Forces of Ukraine the State language is the language of activity, office-work, and documentation – vesti). You can’t read? Then clear off even more so,” said the former deputy.

Earlier Farion moved from the fight against the Russian language to the fight against English. She criticised in her video blog on her YouTube channel the anglofication of education in the country.

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