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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The fight for power in Ukraine is a fight for the favor of the US. Ukrainian politicians today resemble Middle Eastern wives in harem who intrigue against each other and are ready to commit any crime for the sake of the attention of their master.

Information appeared in the media that Poroshenko by a presidential decree deprived the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andrey Artemenko of Ukrainian citizenship. If this is true, this a gross violation of the constitution of Ukraine. I will try to explain what caused such behavior of Poroshenko. After all, for such an act there must be strong reasons. The existence of two or three citizenships is practically the norm for the current Ukrainian elite, and never before was it pursued. Take note, neither Yanukovych, nor Azarov, nor myself were deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. It is possible to note that Artemenko poses a threat to Poroshenko greater than any separatist.

I recall that Andrey Artemenko suggested to legalize the transferring by Ukraine of Crimea to Russia by signing a lease contract for up to 100 years. Along with the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, this would have to lay the foundation for the normalization of relations between Ukraine and Russia. Moreover, the most important thing was not the plan of Artemenko itself, but the way of transferring this plan to Trump. When this information emerged, it became clear that Artemenko has very good contacts in the US with Trump’s team. Currently Artemenko’s contacts with the new administration are much better than the contacts and ties of Poroshenko, Kolomoisky or any other Ukrainian politician or oligarch.

It is necessary to say that it is not only Artemenko that has contacts in the US. Turchynov, Nalyvaichenko, Kondratyuk, and a whole group of people who are working or did work in the SBU, Main Intelligence Directorate, and the Foreign Intelligence Service are under the control of the American intelligence agencies, and also have an outlet to the US. The CIA is a State within a State, with its interests, with a budget, and this budget is filled not only from legal sources.

The agents of the CIA, certainly, pose a threat to Poroshenko, and he, as he can, tries, without entering into a direct conflict with it, to limit its influence only concerning the fight against Russia, trying to distance it from sources of collection of information inside of Ukraine. Heaving learnt from the bitter experience with Nalyvaichenko, when the latter, being the head of the SBU, collected compromising evidence against him and transferred it to his curators, Poroshenko tries not to allow a repetition of this situation. The agents, certainly, pose a threat to Poroshenko, but the acting Ukrainian politician who has a direct outlet to Trump poses a much larger threat to Poroshenko.

Taking into account today’s colonial status of the country and the complete dependence of the Ukrainian power on the United States, the relationship with the suzerain is the most important thing for the Ukrainian politician. Not ratings, not the opinion of the people, not their personal virtues and track record. All of this isn’t important. What is important is how the white master treats you. It is precisely he who appoints to positions and allocates power. Poroshenko knows all of this from his own experience. At his time Klitschko had everything. He was one of the leaders of Maidan. He had a party and a faction in parliament. He had the biggest rating in the country, but he didn’t have a successful job interview with Biden, and that’s why he became the mayor, and not the president. Poroshenko looked more favourable next to Klitschko, was noticed, marked by the master’s grace, and as a result he received the label to reign.

The need for the re-election of power is discussed both in Ukraine and abroad. Poroshenko wants to be elected for a second term. For this purpose it is extremely important for him to either keep the US’ support or to eliminate all his competitors. But Yulia Tymoshenko would have the best chances of coming to power if the Ukrainian power was elected in Ukraine, and not in the US. But she has no support in the US. Yulia understands that for her, in view of her age, this is her last opportunity to become the President of Ukraine, that’s why she does everything in order to receive this support. Casting for the post of President isn’t declared, but everybody understands that before the autumn the US must decide on who will govern Ukraine in the next presidential term. Currently it is absolutely unclear who the United States will place a stake on, and it is precisely for this reason that the presence of a Ukrainian politician who has good connections with the new American administration is extremely dangerous for Poroshenko.

After Artemenko sounded his plan, which was transferred to Trump, I observed the situation with interest. It was clear to me that Poroshenko will make all efforts to eliminate the problem in the person of Artemenko. It was obvious that he will try to eliminate Artemenko from Ukrainian politics, but only the way to do this wasn’t known. However, now the way is clear. Poroshenko didn’t dare to murder a Deputy who is on good terms with Trump. Having deprived Artemenko of citizenship, he decided to squeeze him out of the country in this way.

The situation is as old as the world. The old, but skilled wife of the Sultan, after the new young favourite ran out from the master’s room shouting: “Master named me the favourite wife!”, starts to weave the web of intrigue against her.


One more sad conclusion that can be made, analyzing the situation in Ukraine. It is that in the near future it is impossible to change the situation in Ukraine the political way.

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