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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Petro Poroshenko is forced to work for Soros’ project on overthrowing Trump, therefore, most likely, he will be removed as a result of a deal between Russia and the USA. This was said on the air of the TV channel “Den” by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev.

“He rests his stake on Soros because of hopelessness, so that Putin and Trump can’t come to an agreement, including on Ukraine. But, according to my information, in two weeks representatives of Trump will come to Kiev to examine the situation in detail. And there will be a decision on Donbass,” said Tsarev.

He believes that the probability of the conclusion of an agreement on Ukraine between Trump and Putin is high.

“Unfortunately, it will not be possible to immediately choose the person who will take a pro-Russian position. Therefore it seems to me that the highest chances, as much as it’s unpleasant for residents of Donbass to hear, belong to Yulia Tymoshenko. As far as I know, very intensive negotiations between Republicans and Tymoshenko are being conducted,” said Tsarev.

At the same time, Oleg Tsarev assures that the former functionaries of party of Yanukovych expect to return to power.

“I think that the “oppositional bloc” won’t break up. It is quite possible that a uniform party of the Southeast will appear, and in the new parliament it will be able to install its prime minister, most likely Yuriy Boyko. Perhaps, there will be a rebranding. As far as I understand, the option of the Party of Regions is again being considered. There is an interesting idea to revive the Republican Party of Ukraine*, which could cooperate with the American one” said Tsarev.

* The Republican party of Ukraine was registered on 11th March 2005, and at this moment of its founding it was headed by Yuriy Boyko. In 2007, the Republican party of Ukraine merged with the Party of Regions.

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