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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Those who seized my house voluntarily moved out. Last time they persistently contacted me. They offered a peaceful settlement agreement in exchange for my voluntary leave. They were afraid of further criminal prosecution. I refused. So they left voluntarily. It seems that in the country there is a presentiment of changes. The court closed the case because the demands of my claim were fulfilled.

Maybe now other usurpers will stop by the house or nobody will come around. We will see. Maybe they won’t do it. On the accounts of energy carriers there are debts. The house is plundered. In the first days after the capture two trucks were brought to the house, they loaded them up with things – mine, my wife’s, my children’s, and arranged a free second-hand for the employees of the regional administration. Before their departure, the last to live there took out the remnants of furniture, unscrewed bulbs and sockets, that’s why it’s unlikely that someone will want to move into it.

For some reason I have no feeling of satisfaction about the house. Of course, I have regret for the house. After all, it is the house that was built by my father. It’s not so big, that’s why the Ukrainian media attribute me to two more houses of my neighbors. But it is very cosy. By the way, radicals burned a house of one of these neighbors by mistake, thinking that they were burning mine. My poor neighbors.

The house is nothing. What was destroyed, we will rebuild. I feel sorry for the people! It is impossible to bring back people. People who died on both sides of the front.

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