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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


I am very often asked what to do with the fact that the population of Ukraine is zombified.

Today in opinion polls more than 60% of the population of Ukraine trust the UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces). Yes, precisely the UAF that every day shells Donbass. The blockades of Crimea and Donbass are supported by a considerable part of the population of Ukraine.

In response to this question I will tell a story that happened to my acquaintance.

My acquaintance works in Russia, and his parents live in Ukraine. Once again visiting his parents, my comrade noticed that his father looks at him from down his nose. Without entering into a political debate, understanding that it is useless, my acquaintance simply, using the Internet, connected to Russian TV channels. I recall that Russian channels were excluded from cable television right after the State coup.

Having arrived once again on a visit, my acquaintance found his father in a good mood. His father told him that everywhere there is deception, but the way they lie on Ukrainian television is unlike anywhere else. Peace in the family was restored. Unfortunately, not for a long time, and the situation again changed when Ukraine blocked Russian channels through Ukrainian providers and on the Internet, but it was normalized again when my friend installed satellite TV at his father’s house.

Not many can resist the TV. Already at the time of Maidan I noticed that humanists were the first who fell under the influence of propaganda. The ability of rational thinking allowed physicians to resist more longer than the poets. But the ability to think rationally in the conditions of total propaganda isn’t boundless also.

I have no doubt that after the change of the picture on the TV in Ukraine the mood of the population will change over a short period of time. Yes, our society is fully governed, and it doesn’t cover the population of Ukraine in a good light, but this applies to any people and State. Those who received control over the media, control society. The main condition – control over the media must be total.

To some extent it turns out to be a vicious circle. Without having won – you can’t receive control over the TV, and it is impossible to win while the moods in Ukraine haven’t changed yet. Let’s agree that very few people will have the idea to rush to Kiev in battle, understanding, how many will be destroyed as a result of such a campaign, and how many will die. Those dead, who are guilty because they were watching pictures on TV that weren’t good!

So where is the exit? After so many mistakes were made, there is no quick solution. Firstly, it is necessary to achieve in Donbass and in Crimea a qualitatively higher standard of living than in all of Ukraine. Secondly, there is a need to fight consistently against corruption, to boost the economy and standard of life of the population in Russia so that Russia becomes an example to be imitated for the whole world. A difficult task? Of course, difficult, but with or without Ukraine, Russia needs to be engaged in all of this. At all times the example was followed of the successful, strong, and rich. And there is a need to make Russia like that.

Thirdly, it is necessary to fight for the minds of Ukrainians. It is necessary to find alternative ways for the delivery of information. The Internet, satellite television, broadcasting to the territory of Ukraine via the transmitters located in Transnistria, LPR, DPR, and Russia. Separate thanks I want to say a special thanks to my friends from Anna News, News Front, Russian Spring, Politnavigator, Strana, Antifashist, and others similar Internet resources. To develop using their own means such powerful anti-propaganda media is an example of a civil feat. A separate thanks to all my friends – to Internet anti-propagandists. Your work is very important!

I want to remind once again that total propaganda is successful only if the other point of view is absolutely isolated. Thank God, this is now impossible. And there is more. On the 7th of May, 90% of the population of Germany supported Hitler. On the 10th of May, Hitler was supported by no more than 10% of the population of Germany. That’s why the main thing is to win!

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