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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Oleg Tsarev

Prime Minister of Ukraine Groisman wrote on a social network: “As a whole we have a 37% increase in the incomes of Ukrainians for this year”. So imagine Kovtun, who will wave these figures on the Solovyov program [in Moscow – ed] and yell: you [Russia – ed] have a real falling of incomes of the population, but in Ukraine, there is growth – here you have the European choice! Where does Groisman’s growth come from? What is this manipulation of numbers?

I recommend those involved in the Solovyov show to go on the websites where Ukrainian official statistics are published – it is open data. Today I went and looked. Groisman, with his entourage, wrote that it is 37% of income and 15% of inflation, and the difference was considered as an increase in the welfare of Ukrainians. In fact, it is unclear where he got those numbers from. If we refer to the index of inflation and rising prices, looking at the data on this up to 2017, the price increase over the previous year is 85%. And Ukrainians are perfectly aware of it, they felt it in their wallets. While the growth in real wages, let us look at this figure – it is minus 16.9%. I.e. we observe here a situation that is completely opposite to the claims of Groisman. Prices increased almost twice, and the real wages of Ukrainians fell significantly. And what can be said here? I can only complain. It’s not a secret in Ukraine that Groisman faked his diploma when he applied for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. He needs to learn to work with numbers, with statistics, and perhaps even to chat with ordinary Ukrainians. Because if his personal income rises, then the common people will certainly say if their incomes grew or not.

There is no work. Industrial production is falling. This means that enterprises stop, one after the other. I had a number of enterprises that Kolomoisky’s team seized in a raid, putting in place “Right sector”, and now they manage these enterprises. From the long list of enterprises, only one works with a 50% workload. A paper mill started to be cut for scrap just a few weeks ago – it is the only enterprise that produced white paper in Ukraine. And all this is indicative of today. Only a few operating enterprises are left in Ukraine: they sell-up, cut it into scrap metal, and destroy it. People really have no place to work. That is why the youth is now trying to go abroad, everyone is looking for some options. Representatives of medium-sized businesses, which very much supported Maidan, now have the main task of finding where to go and how to get there, where to settle down, and where to run their business. The elite at power doesn’t feel too bad. Deputies became richer, because now things happen that never previously happened in any Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Virtually for all voting Deputies are paid with black cash. The Deputies “work” their asses off because every vote counts. The representatives from “volunteer battalions” feel good. They perked up: suddenly social mobility appeared, and battalion-Nazis play a good role in the half-destroyed economy of the country. In fact, radicals are now performing the role that at the time the mafia in Italy performed: the redistribution of business, protection of criminality, protection racket, smuggling, and gambling. All of this is at their mercy, and, naturally, their incomes increased, which didn’t exist before. While all the other people who are trying with their own hands to earn a penny, the situation is very difficult.

And millions of people of working age are now abroad – they learned about the fate of the poor dehkan from the Central Asian criminal dictatorships. In Russia there are now about four million people [Ukrainians  – ed], no less than in the border countries of the EU. According to opinion polls more than 80% of the young population of the country would prefer to go leave if they have the chance. Of course, these figures speak for themselves about the mood in society. I see what comments start to be written, even on “Patriotic” sites [pro-Maidan – ed], they are very hard-hitting against the authorities.

I.e. coming back to the panegyric message of Groisman, it is not even deceit, but, of course, a lie. But at the same time, it shows a complete detachment from reality. If someone even for a little bit imagines today’s lives of ordinary people, he would not have dared to write such things.

The new political elite of Ukraine drew such a scenario: the West will pour money into Ukraine. Ukraine is bigger than Poland. If hundreds of billions of dollars were forgiven to Poland, then Ukraine counted on more money and then with these investments planned to build another country. We see that for the West, Poland is one thing, and Ukraine is quite another. And no one is going to pay Ukraine. Although such a scenario was quite possible. What is 200, 300, 400 billion dollars for the US, who print this money themselves? But the United States didn’t go down this path.

The West very often used financial “help” to create antagonists for enemies. They pumped Singapore full of money, they helped Taiwan – it is a strike on China. It is very easy to pump money into a small country, a small economy, and to create an illusion for the nearby large country: see, If you take a course to the West, you would live as good as your neighbors live. South Korea has the same situation with North Korea. It is in the same way that at the time West Germany was pumped, they created the Marshall Plan so that it is clear that the Western lifestyle and Western orientation is better than the East Germany. Better than orientating to Soviet socialist ideals. But Ukraine, apparently, is too big and too sick. One hundred and two hundred billion – it couldn’t not help, but four hundred would have been regrettable for the US. So the money wasn’t given. Today they give as much money as is needed just to avoid default.

The West had many objectives. To say that there was and continues to be only one objective being implemented is wrong. Initially, the aim was to create anti–Russia. It is evident that the real project is “Ukraine is anti-Russia“. Already Austria-Hungary was creating the Ukrainian language, was inventing it, nurtured it, and helped to spread it in order to tear off South-Western Rus from the rest of Russia. This is one task. Military conflict, instability on the borders with Russia – this is the second task. The overthrow of the government in Russia is such a mega-task. If they established Ukraine as an example as a country with the absence of corruption, excellent roads, new technologies – many in Russia would argue that the government is bad – it is necessary to change the authorities. And it would’ve been possible to play on it – and quite well. That’s why the Russophobes had a lot tasks, and some of these tasks are completed, but the West is not giving up. I think one of the factors as to why a lot of money didn’t go into Ukraine is the fact that all operations with dollars, with euros, are under the control of the West. So when the money is allocated, the tranche comes to Ukraine for reforms and immediately spreads out in small streams towards the pockets of Ukrainian officials and goes again back abroad, and is hidden there, and of course, this discourages the owners of the money to send the next tranche to the thieves’ black hole.

I wouldn’t say that the final decision on Ukraine is already made by the West. But they will be obliged to make it somehow near the autumn. Domestic elites perfectly understand. this. There are three scenarios of development. Either Petro Poroshenko persuades his Western curators that there won’t be elections. He survives until the end of his term and leaves. Or there will be re-elections: parliamentary and presidential. And here Poroshenko is either elected or not. It depends on what candidate the West will place a stake on. Now the people’s opinion in Ukraine does not affect decision-making. That’s why it is possible to not pay people. If the people don’t affect anything, then why spend money on them?

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