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Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Kiev the opening ceremony of the “Eurovision-2017” song competition started, however the event practically doesn’t interest Kiev residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital.

The Opening ceremony began with a procession of the participants of the song competition and representatives of the delegations of the countries, but the arrival of star actors didn’t cause a stir, reports “Russian Dialogue”.

Special platforms installed by the organizers of “Eurovision” so that anyone interested could watch the opening ceremony are empty, and the number of law enforcement officers and “security guards” obviously exceeds the number of onlookers.

Ukrainian users of social networks believe that the audience was frightened off by the hot weather in Kiev, and the interest of Kiev residents and guests of the capital in the song competition will increase when the tickets to the semifinal concerts start to be handed out, which were bought up several weeks prior to the start of “Eurovision”.

As a reminder, “Eurovision-2017” will take place in Kiev without Russia because of the ban of the Ukrainian authorities on the entry into the country for Yuliya Samoylova. In addition, the song competition won’t be broadcasted by Channel One.

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