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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Parents from the territory of Donbass presently controlled by Kiev began to send their children to the LPR so that they were admitted to schools of the Republic and are taught the Russian language. This was stated by Alla Podtynnaya, the deputy of parliament of the LPR, at a conference in Lugansk.

According to her, the humanitarian program of reunion of the people of Donbass announced by the Republic allows children from the former Luhansk region to study in the LPR free of charge.

“I work as a director of a high school. A tendency was highlighted that families rent apartments and send their children to study at our schools. They want to receive certificates of the LPR and want their children to keep learning the Russian language. Also, a problem exists concerning detachment from closeness from Russia — it doesn’t suit parents. They come, see that our children have an opportunity to participate in various tournaments, competitions in the Russian Federation, to prove themselves in sport, art creativity,” said Podtynnaya.

In addition, the Deputy noted that interest in education in the LPR is shown also by teachers who remained in the territories under the control of Ukraine.

“All of us worked together. Communication between teachers isn’t lost. Our teachers now spread the developments of their lessons. And the teachers who are in that territory receive and send letters of thanks. They manage to conduct some lessons there,” said Podtynnaya.

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