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By Patrick Lancaster


Plea for Christmas/holiday donations to make December our best month yet for humanitarian aid distributions, and a November humanitarian aid update

In November (thanks to all who donated) we had a great month of distributions. We gave 2 tonnes of vegetables to the village of Spartak. We also gave 7 baby cribs, 3 baby carriers & 1300 diapers to the village of Zaitsevo. Our final distribution in November was giving 45 chickens, 45 loaves of bread, 45 litres of cooking oil, 45 litres of milk, 45 kgs of sugar, and 45 kgs of pasta to the war ravage town of Vesole.

We need your help making December even betterWe are trying to make December our biggest month of distributions ever. So far we have planned supplying many tonnes of fresh water to Vesole, a town where the water makes everyone sick. We are also giving them 20-50 tonnes of coal for heating, bathing, & cooking. We want to help a pregnant woman and her 3 kids whose house was blown up in Zaitsevo.

In two weeks we are trying to have a holiday toy, food, and diaper give away at a medical orphanage for children with AIDS. We are also trying give food supplies for a full holiday dinner to Spartak, a town where only 5% of they population has not died or fled, and that live in bomb shelters. Soon we want to organize a children’s party for 80 children whose homes have been hit by shelling throughout Donetsk. I am sure some more things will come up this month, but donations is all it takes to make a real impact on people’s lives here.

I ask you all to please donate, now is the time. You can donate via the link below or via Paypal to address [email protected], to Sberbank Russia Card number 4276 8801 9017 1656 or via WesternUnion/MoneyGram to “Patrick John Lancaster” in “Russia“. Or click here.

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