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By Ollie Richardson

It turns out that the American tradition of falsifying history to present Washington’s blood-stained hands as an emancipating force not only didn’t stop after the cold war, but it actually became more and more aggressive. Fairy tales about “gulags”, “bolshevik barbarism”, “invading Poland”, the US “defeating” Nazism etc have traditionally used to keep the backs of the proletariat firmly facing the “right” side of the iron curtain, where dropping a nuclear bomb on a sovereign nation that already surrendered multiple times prior is the hallmark of “democracy” and “freedom”.

Just in case the citizen of the West was born too late – after the CIA’s accomplices Gorbachev and Yeltsin pillaged and dismantled the USSR – and thus cannot really identify with propaganda about the “uncivilised east”, the US Pentagon has released a new, updated library of fairy tales. In one such example, taken from December 4th, 2017, the Pentagon refused to comment on the announcement of the Russian Defense Ministry about the quick liberation from terrorists of the territory of Syria to the east of the Euphrates River, but specified that it for the most part is its merit, but not the merit of Russia.

“The Syrian regime and the Russian Federation haven’t shown a serious approach or obligation to defeat ISIS. They carried out only a small part of the operations against ISIS, and the most part of the territory freed in Iraq and Syria was liberated thanks to the efforts of the global coalition and its partners. The global coalition will continue its operations in Syria in support of the local forces in areas to complete the defeat of ISIS and to stabilise the liberated territory, and this in turn will allow Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons to return to their houses,” said the representative of the Pentagon Eric Pahon to RIA Novosti.

This isn’t the first time the US has tried to take credit for Russia’s success in anti-ISIS operations, and it certainly won’t be the last. If what Mr Pahon said is correct, then why don’t we see Syrians in the streets of Aleppo, Damascus, Homs, Hama, Palmyra, Latakia etc waving American flags and chanting the star spangled banner? The BBC, which supported the jihadists throughout the entire war, and their Russophobic correspondent Steven Rosenberg were obliged to admit that one is more likely to hear “Thank you, Russia, Thank you, Putin” ringing around the districts of the Levant than “Thank you Uncle Sam”. 

Speaking of the BBC, their expose of the US’ dealings with ISIS, whereby thousands of militants were allowed to leave Raqqa unimpeded towards “other areas of Syria” (read as areas where the Russian and Syrian Armies are operating) also contradicts the words of the Pentagon, where apparently the US only “defeats” ISIS, although it has to be said – giving them free passage doesn’t quite match the dictionary definition of that word:

In addition, the recent revelations of the former SDF commander Talal Silo – that the SDF was in fact created by the Pentagon as a proxy of the YPG in order to justify giving arms to the PKK, the swore enemy of NATO member Turkey – also don’t correlate with the words of the Pentagon spokesperson Eric Pahon.

The fact that the SDF and ISIS reached an agreement on a ceasefire, which allowed the former, after being bogged down in Raqqa for months, to suddenly reach Deir Ezzor at the speed of mach 5 JUST AS THE RUSSIAN AND SYRIAN ARAB ARMY WERE APPROACHING THE AREA; that ISIS handed the main oil fields of Deir Ezzor over to the American SDF proxy; and last but not least, that Brett McGurk (the mastermind behind the US’ war crimes in Sy-raq) likes to have meetings with known ISIS members, also call into question the mental capacities of the Pentagon employees.

Not to mention that the US army did not even enter Mosul – only the Iraqi army and counterterrorism forces were allowed inside the actual city, and the absolute majority of casualties from combat came from the these forces, and NOT the US coalition. What “liberation” is there to speak about here? Let’s ask John Kerry:

Ah, that’s no good either! He admits that the US was “watching” ISIS get bigger and didn’t do anything about it. Why? Well, according to the US Department of Defence, the US needed a “salafist principality” in order to partition Syria into three main zones.

It is said that you can take the man out of the West, but not the West out of the man. And it doesn’t matter if America is in Vietnam, Korea, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Sudan, Mali – as Putin said: spin a globe and put your finger on it randomly, it’s for sure that the US is meddling there in one way or another – the outcome is always the same. Since ISIS has now been defeated in Syria, the US is officially an occupying force, and must “stabilise the liberated territory” by immediately slithering back across the Atlantic.

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  • Jaroslav Belicka

    Wow what crooks. The whole world know they are lying but they will still be lying more.
    Yankees did help ISIS but failed yet again. ISIS were defeated by Russians, Syrians, Hezbollah and Iranians.You American war criminals just gt out of Syria

  • Vtran

    What do you expect from Lying Yanks ….. Hollywood (understood by Yanks as 100% truth) has Yanks single handed winning WW2 ,,,, even Yanks in Berlin

  • Leon De Elias

    Wow zionist lying motherfuckers..They created ISIS,and not defeated it..They armed and trained them instead..Can this motherfucking terrorist country surprise me anymore than this..They coming out with this laughable lie when the whole world is cursing them for creating and aiding terrorist groups in sovereign countries like Iraq,Libya and Syria..I am from Europe and considering the US government as the greatest terrorist org on this planet in 2017 along with Israel..I would call them rather US led Terrorist Coalition..

  • Larua

    bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit

  • Angelo Cinarelli

    hahahahhaha! yes why not. I think instead that when Russians, Syrians and Ezbollah died fighting ISIS, Americans were masturbating.

  • Z54

    Amerika’s version of history “BULL PUCKEY”!