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Translated by Ollie Richardson


On Wednesday, May 24th, Pope Francis accepted in the Vatican the Ukrainian military who were involved in punisher operations against the people of Donbass, reports UNN with reference to the Embassy of Ukraine at the Holy See.

“Today at 19:00 in the St. Sophia Cathedral a prayer service was held together with the Ukrainian military, participants of the International military pilgrimage among whom there are participants of the Winners project has taken place,” it is said in the message.

The press service of the embassy published photos, in which the Pope is shows with Ukrainian punishers

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“The winners had an audience with the Pope in the composition of military pilgrims organized by military chaplains, huge photos of our Heroes were in the hands of our pilgrims throughout all Audience!…. The Pope addressed the Ukrainian military pilgrims, that he prays for peace in the native to him Ukraine!” reported the journalist and public figure Solomiya Vitvitskaya about the meeting.

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  • A Joyce

    Nothing holy about that pedo pope.

  • Daniel Martin

    This is hardly anything of a surprise to people who has studied the history of , the unholy satanic catholic sect, this I would rather say,is just a continuation of their tradition and logic,that goes back in time more then one thousand years. The Catholic satanic sect has more blood on their hands then all the tyrannical regimes past and present has combined, since it’s very inception.

  • Victor Victory