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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Verkhovna Rada is fine tuning a mechanism that will block access to the Internet for Ukrainians who deny the military aggression of Russia towards Ukraine. This was reported to “Glavnovosti” by a source in the Verkhovna Rada.

It is planned to oblige Ukrainian Internet service providers to allow subscribers onto the Internet only after answering the questions “Whose is Crimea?” and “Who is to blame for the war in Donbass?”. Should an unsatisfactory answers be given, access to the Internet will be denied.

As a reminder, in Zaporozhye journalists conducted a survey among citizens and found out who is to blame for the war in Donbass. The answers of Zaporozhye residents were surprising: most blamed the Ukrainian authorities for the situation in the East of the country.

Kiev Plans to Throw Deniers Of “Russian Aggression” in Jail for 5 Years

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