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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Presidential elections in Ukraine could be postponed to 2020 under the pretext of implementing the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine. According to the basic law, presidential elections should be held in the last week of March, that’s why the discussion about moving back presidential elections is relevant, considers the political scientist Kost Bondarenko.

“The provisions of the Constitution oblige the holding of elections in the last week of March in the fifth year of the presidential term. And this is where the confusion begins. They say that, in March, 2019, Poroshenko will have stayed in his position not for 5 years but only for 4 years and 10 months, so let’s postpone it until March, 2020. But! The trick is that lawyers on Bankova Street don’t want to recognize one simple thing: after the completion of four full years of staying in power, the fifth one comes!” wrote Bondarenko on Facebook.

As the political scientist notes, in March, 2019, the fifth year of power comes, and in case of elections in 2020, they will be held in the sixth year of Poroshenko’s presidency, if not to count 2014-2015 as the “zero year”, joked Bondarenko.

According to the expert, the reasoning of an incomplete five years of leadership of Ukraine is an attempt to manipulate the law. After the first round of elections a second is possible, and thus, at the time of completion of the campaign the term of office of the president will five full years.

“If desired it is possible to adhere to all requirements of the basic law. Although who here adhered to the provisions of the Constitution? Name me at least one presidential election in Ukraine that took place in the last week of March,” noted the political scientist.

As Glavnovosti reported, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko repeatedly said that he is against holding early elections in Ukraine.

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