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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukraine, unlike Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, and other countries, did not find itself on the path to successful development, and instead became stuck in a condition of stagnation, “more and more reminiscent of economic slavery in some African countries”. This was stated by the Doctor of Economics Tatyana Unkovskaya in the Ukrainian weekly publication Zerkalo Nedeli.

“The national income of Ukraine per capita at the end of 2016 was $2,300 (for comparison, in Poland it is $12,700, in Slovakia it is $16,800, in Estonia it is $17,800) – in between Morocco ($2,900) and Honduras ($2,200).

It is noteworthy that our nearest ‘neighbors in terms of economic indicators’ are characterised by permanent crises, the raw nature of exports, actively exporting cheap labor to developed countries, and losing their natural resources at high rates.

In particular, Morocco in the 20th century lost 70% of its unique forest land: it decreased from 14 to 4 million hectares,” writes Unkovskaya.

She claims that the stagnation of the economy and a poor quality of life made Ukrainians a nation of emigrants.

“As a result, Ukrainian janitors clean the Polish streets for €800 per month, and the streets of our cities are more and more reminiscent of landscapes of Strugatsky’s ‘Stalker’. Ukraine doesn’t escape a long-term vicious circle: it passes through revolutions and terrible sacrifices, but only the faces in offices change, without changing the essence of the system, which again leads to a fall in the quality of life, a sharpening of political instability, and the threat of new revolutions,” writes Unkovskaya.

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