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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the decree “On the approval of the plan of measures for the implementation of the Concept of improving public awareness concerning the Euroatlantic integration of Ukraine for 2018”
The corresponding decision was made at a governmental meeting, reports the website of the government.

The adoption of the document, as is noted in the document, is intended to provide “effective public information concerning the Euroatlantic integration of Ukraine”. The purpose is to increase the level of support among Ukrainians for the State policy in the sphere of Euroatlantic integration and the level of trust towards NATO as an institution that plays a key role in the strengthening of international security.

“This decision is especially important in the context of countering Russian propaganda. And, besides refuting Soviet and new Russian myths about NATO, we have a lot of work on explaining the essence of the North Atlantic Alliance. NATO is it not only an army. NATO is human rights, the rule of law, education, ecology,” stated the Vice Prime Minister concerning European and Euroatlantic integration Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze.

She considers that support among Ukrainians for accession to NATO has a more emotional character. Therefore, propaganda that would help to turn this support into conscious and informed understanding of the activity of Alliance is necessary.

Within the framework of propaganda campaigns, thematic seminars and training for members of the media, as well as photo exhibitions will take place, and thematic videos on social networks that will show the value for NATO of a partnership with Ukraine and will explain to Ukrainians the need for Euroatlantic integration will be spread.

Also planned is the carrying out of targeted public actions in regions with the participation of representatives of public authorities, sectors of safety and defense, and representatives of NATO in Ukraine; creative competitions, thematic interactive games for the studying and student youth; the creation of TV series and radio programs; production and placement in public places and educational institutions of information and explanatory materials (posters, leaflets, booklets, promotional products), etc.

Besides this, according to the plan the central and local public authorities will publish on official websites and on social networks information about Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO and to shed light on events held by public authorities in the sphere of the Euroatlantic integration of Ukraine.

A rally against NATO in the former Yugoslavia, which was “overjoyed” by the Alliance

Central executive authorities and governmental bodies involved in the implementation of annual national programs under the auspices of the Ukraine-NATO Commission will have to work for 1 year to correct the existing negative image of NATO as an aggressive bloc that bombed Libya and Iraq into ruins by informing through websites, social networks, and the media about the non-military initiatives of NATO – in particular in the spheres of ecology, energy, nuclear and radiation, cybernetic and information security, and the implementation of projects within the framework of the NATO trust fund, and about reforming Ukraine’s security and defense sector according to NATO standards and recommendations.

Financing of the actions will be carried out within the framework of the budgetary program “Implementation of Actions in the Information Sphere Concerning Questions of European and Euroatlantic Integration”. It is also planned to attract domestic and international business organisations, funds, and NGOs for financial possibilities.

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