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Translated by Ollie Richardson


A big green truck solemnly drove to a high-tech military exhibition in Armenia. By ‘truck’ we mean a new Russian weapon that doesn’t need either gunpowder or bullets. It can force down unmanned aerial vehicles by using microwaves – to “fry” them directly in the air.

The manufacturer of the Russian defence industry reported that a new weapon has passed all the necessary tests and is ready for serial production.

“There are prototypes of this type of weapon, and they have already shown their efficiency,” said the representative of the Russian defence industry to RIA news agency. “Indirect physical damage is applied to equipment onboard the aircraft or UAV, neutralizing precision weapons”.

Russia presents this system as the world’s first weapon of this type.

Against tactical UAVs

As was said by a Russian army officer, the weapon can stealthily destroy military electronics through so-called direct energy.

“A microwave pulse can be sent to a strong enemy and disable its electronic equipment, resulting in a complete loss of functionality,” explained the officer.

The ability to completely disable tactical military UAVs in a combat zone will be, in his opinion, one of Russia’s biggest advantages.

“The weapon is capable of hitting targets at a distance of over one kilometer,” he says. However, he pointed out that there are certain military protocols that must be observed before starting serial production and to adopt the new piece of equipment.

Breedlove’s Warning

As was reported by RT, the US Air Force General Philip Breedlove in February warned that Russia is actively increasing its military potential. He emphasized that the Russians are developing new methods of warfare.

“They are investing a lot of money in electronic warfare, because they know that our forces are connected by communication systems and operate accurately. And they need to break this connection so that the accuracy of our actions falls”.

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