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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Kiev is trying to obtain the status of a main ally outside of NATO. The Ukrainian Parliament approved the address to Congress, and if the US Congress will welcome it, between the two countries a defense agreement will be concluded. Federal News Agency tried to understand the situation.

232 Ukrainian Deputies simultaneously appealed to the hearts and minds of the congressmen, saying, let’s remember the Budapest Memorandum, we’ll develop a strategic partnership between States, and at the same time we’ll conclude a defense agreement that will give Ukraine the status of a major non-NATO ally. The Ukrainian Parliament noted that the positive decision of Congress can affect the end of the conflict in Donbass.

The status of a main ally outside NATO was approved in 1989, it is assigned by the US Minister of Defense in coordination with the Secretary of State. Now the list of such allies is composed of 16 States, including Egypt, Israel, Australia, South Korea, and Japan. The United States took onboard a number of obligations concerning them: participation in defence initiatives and the delivery of restricted types of weapons. Allies outside NATO also receive a number of financial benefits, including trade in military goods.

“Actually, the Americans are deeply entrenched in the conflict in Donbass. It is they who brewed it, and as of now they continue to survey it. Also, recently the administration of Trump has not had the time for Ukraine. That’s why the initiative in this matter is increasingly intercepted by the UK and Germany. In regards to joining NATO, President Viktor Yushchenko already during his time spoke about, but now Petro Poroshenko does it. I don’t think such an attempt will succeed. The US will not support this request and will not take on unnecessary obligations,” commented former Ukrainian politician, former speaker of the Parliament of Novorossiya Oleg Tsarev to FAN.

According to him, between Russia and Ukraine there is a large treaty of friendship, and no one cancelled it. “So, Kiev and Moscow are great friends. If in this condition Ukraine wants to be a partner of the US — then please go ahead. If only the interests of Russia are not impeached. The decision of Congress is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the supply of arms. It is important to take into account also the desire of the President. Even Obama hesitated to supply weapons to Kiev, although he was in many respects the organizer of the unrest in Ukraine. And the fact that Trump will go to this step, it’s very unlikely,” adds Tsarev.

In December last year, the Senate included in the defense budget of the United States the article that offered to provide to Ukraine $350 million. But in early March the committee on appropriations in the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress reduced this amount to $150 million.

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