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Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the Rada a bill that provides the introduction of language quotas for printed media was registered.

This was stated by the Deputy from People’s Front Viktoria Siumar, reports

“If to speak not about internet media, but about the press, then we have a bill providing 50% of Ukranian-language content for printed media,” she said.

According to her, the bill may state the possibility of incentives, but not directives: to make any tax breaks or benefits for the distributors that comply with this quota.

“But we will then have to think about how to prescribe it, as the standards of this project intertwine also with the standards of language laws and with the standards of bills from the Cabinet of Ministers, which is now pending consideration in the committee on questions on information policy concerning the printed media,” she emphasized.

As a reminder, recently the Rada introduced language quotas on television, and last year – quotas for songs on the radio.

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