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Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ukrainian radicals began to mark houses in Kiev in which former residents of Donetsk live, who moved to Kiev at the earlier before the war. The houses of pro-Ukrainian activists from the former Donetsk region are also marked. The Ukrainian volunteer, the former female resident of Lugansk Anna Mokrousova published on her page on Facebook photos with leaflets with which Kiev residents were marked as immigrants from Donbass who moved to Kiev long before the conflict.

“It is painful! Horrible! Offensive! And again it is madly painful! This what the heroes of this post felt today having seen these notes on their fence. Behind one of such notes lives a family that more than 10 years ago arrived from Donetsk. They have a local registration for a long time, but nevertheless for someone they are enemies.

I can write that they are patriots and it will be the truth, only it is humiliating and disgusts me. As if we have to justify ourselves, as if we are guilty that it is by our own choice and not by the right of the birth we live in our country and love our land!

I would very much like to such patriots that write such notes, so that they can tell me such things looking directly in my eyes.

I write this post because I ask for support. Because it’s not an isolated case of harassing and humiliating us because of our birthplace. I ask for a repost and condemnation of such tendencies. We live in our country, we love our country. Ukraine is our conscious choice. And it is important for us to know that here we are at home,” she wrote.

“This is how everything began in Nazi Germany too – ‘here live Jews’.”

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