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By Ollie Richardson

The apocalypse? Not quite, but close enough. The photos below are from a “refugees welcome” march to Downing Street on 17th September 2016, which aimed at pressuring Theresa May to open the doors to anyone the liberal left can look down on to convey their own subconscious racism. Besides the message “National identity is not welcome”, the angry mob also bared the symbol of the “Syrian revolution” – aka conduit for Al Qaeda – the green-white State Department flag.




Spirits were high for this massacre of norms and values – there was even dancing in the streets!

So in summary – the citizens of London want to help refugees…by creating more refugees. Yes, that is the logic of it. They are silent when the US, France, Germany, UK, and allies bomb Syrian/Libyan infrastructure,  they are silent when the “FSA” umbrella uses Hell Cannons to displace citizens in Aleppo and Damascus, and they are silent when Jihadists blend in among the column of chaos coming from Turkey.

Video above: US-backed “Syrian rebel” says after Syria they will wage jihad in Europe through Turkey & Spain.

The “FSA” umbrella is not linked to Al Qaeda? Think again. Here is a list of the 21+ groups that rejected the US-Russia terms (separation from Al-Nusra) of the September 2016 Cessation of Hostilities deal. The list includes Nour al-Din al-Zenki – the notorious group that beheaded a 12 year old child, and then later pledged their allegiance to Al-Nusra.

Another layer of hypocrisy is the fact that members of the UK House of Commons and the House of Lords recently paid Assad a visit – the very “tyrant” these FSA flag-waving mainstream media consuming zombies are conditioned into hating.  

If London wants “refugees”, then London shall get “refugees”. They can be from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Eritrea, Mali, Somali, South Sudan, maybe even some from Syria. But London will also get terrorists from Al Qaeda, as France24 discussed here. Al Qaeda is far more able and strategical than ISIS when it comes to planning acts of terrorism, so Boris Johnson must be very vigilant – water cannons will not work against a VBIED.

Want a sneak preview of what awaits the streets of London? There is no need – it already arrived. Takbeer!

Refugees may be welcome, but will refugees welcome you? 

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