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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Sergey Belous

“Forty years I worked for this country, forty years! You understand? For the sake of at my old age not to be given a pension and to be beaten! For three years I saved up money for plastic windows, I installed three windows – today all of them are torn to shreds, all flew off! All! I want to spit in Poroshenko’s face and his team, simply to spit! … And how to live the rest of my years – I don’t know … … when it will end?” said the elderly female inhabitant of the Petrovsky district Larisa Dmitriyevna Babinenko desperately.

War correspondent Anna Dolgareva specified: “And who shells, what do you think?”

Larisa: “You know, as far as I can tell – it is THEM who shoot at us…”

Anna Dolgareva: “Who is ‘those'”?

Larisa: “Ukrops [Ukrainians], let them be damned!! All these are abortions that were not done. It is what every mother should have done. Generally speaking I am Ukrainian, but now I hate this country so much! … How is it possible: my parents are buried in Krasnogorovka – I haven’t been able to go there for three years … In Artemovsk – my grandsons …”.

Distressed Petrovsky district… It also is under constant fire… We filmed this a couple of days ago after a pensioner was wounded there… Watch it in full. I will be very grateful for a repost – let Larisa Dmitriyevna be heard.

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