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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Despite the pathetic attempt to cast a dirty shadow over relations between Bulgaria and Russia, foreign structures did not remain undetected. Bulgarians immediately sussed out foreign hands and the “familiar textbook of methodics” with the help of which monuments are desecrated across all of Eastern Europe – in Ukraine, for example.

Bulgarians didn’t allow the memory of heroes to be insulted, and despite all the shame and offense that they felt because of the fact that malefactors act in their own country who set as their purpose to draw a Russophobic image of Bulgaria and to shape public opinion in a way that is favorable for them.

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Bulgarians are an ancient nation and, as orthodox Christians, gathered in front of a monument and served a prayer. To cleanse in front of God what was profaned by “foreigners”.

For the Bulgarian people it is deeply embedded in their consciousness that desecrating monuments is a terrible sin, like desecrating a grave at a cemetery and to disturb the sleep of calmed souls, and that such a sin bears a terrible punishment from above, since monuments need to be protected and their memory honoured.

Bulgarians gathered for a ceremony near the Alyosha monument in the presence of the highest ecclesiastics and priests, together with friends and brothers from Russia to pray and lay flowers in memory of the heroes who gave their life to save the whole of Europe.

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