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By Russell Bonner Bentley

Stalker Zone note:

The following is the response of Russell Bonner Bentley, aka “Texas”, to what Igor Girkin (Strelkov) said in an interview to Roy TV channel:

“There is no ‘militia’ any more. There are contract employees. They get 15,000, which there is very good money, and if it is required, they will also shoot their own people. There’s such a contingent in a number of units that, in general, spit on everything”.

“And this is not a ‘militia’ — it is a so-called regular army,” said Strelkov.

Firstly, there IS no militia anymore. We have a professional Army – disciplined, trained and ready. And yes, they ARE paid “15,000” RUBLES. A month. Mercenaries make more than that in a day.

All the soldiers in the Army now sign a contract, just like enlisting in any other army. It is not an easy life, and they certainly earn their pay.

There are thousands who were in the militia who have returned to civilian life, but since the vast majority of people who have defended Donbass are from here, those who chose to leave the militia are still very close by and ready to return to active service at a moment’s notice if needed.

As for “shooting their own”, that’s just straight up bullsh*t. The Novorussian Army is a cohesive unit with military structure and military discipline whose sole purpose is to defend the Republics and the citizens. There is no conflict between units or between the government and the Army.

I have worked with, and have friends in, almost every military unit in the DPR. Some are better than others, but they all work together. And we all work for the benefit and defense of our people and Republic.

Unlike the ukrop army, which is now in open battle with Pravy Sektor and Azov, our Army is strong and cohesive, we are a single unit with a single purpose. And unlike the people on ukrop territory, the people here respect and trust the Army for two very good reasons: firstly, our actions prove we fight for the people, and secondly, the people know that if the government or army was to go in a corrupt direction, the people can and will again stand up and take direct control.

It is true there is no militia now, but we do not need one. We have a professional Army. And we have thousands of combat veterans who are now civilians, but are ready to return any time. The Army is the People, and the People is the Army.

What qualification or even right does Girkin have to comment on the Novorussian Army or anything to do with Donbass? Does anybody still take this clown and coward seriously? Certainly not here in Donetsk where I am, and have been for over 2 years which is also how long Igor has been gone. He ran from Donbass with his tail tucked between his legs, and now he pretends to be qualified to opine on the Army and the Republic he betrayed? I don’t think so.

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